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What to Do and What to See in Barcelona

Barcelona is a perfect place for spending holidays. Thereare a few places that I would recommend that you visit.

Barcelona view

Barcelona is the second largest city of Spain. There is so much to do. Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape with your partner, a party weekend away with your friends, or just have a cultural holiday, Barcelona could be the city for you. Barcelona also is the fourth-most popular visited urban area in the European Union for tourists and the 16th-most-visited city in the world. There is no reason not to visit this city. Every year millions of tourists visit Barcelona. Statistics say there are three times more tourists than there are residents. After the Olympic Games in 1992 the city became very popular for foreign people. There came more and more shops and special activities for tourists. You will never get bored in Barcelona.  There is so much to do. Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape with your partner.

Why you should visit Barcelona

Barcelona Street

What to See in Barcelona

Sagrada Familia

Top 10 Museums in Barcelona

MNAC Barcelona

Famous for it’s wealth of architecture, arts, heritage and general culture, Barcelona hosts an array of outstanding museums – many of which are a must do whilst in the city. We have put together a list of the top ten museums to visit during your stay in Barcelona. Whether you are a couple, family of four, solo traveler or with friends, there is something suitable for all.

  1. MNAC
    MNAC is the National Museum of Catalan Art, and is a large museum located in the former royal Palace just along Plaça Espanya. The collections vary from coins, photography, sculptures and Gothic pieces. We have a soft spot for the Roman murals that are displayed here. It also makes a great place for brunch or lunch, with a restaurant based on the upper floor with a beautiful view of the city. From here it is easy to go for a stroll and perhaps visit the open-air Greek theatre or see Palau Sant Jordi at the former Olympic site in the city.
  2. Picasso Museum
    One of the most popular museums based in Barcelona is the Picasso Museum, Carrer Montcada 15-23. It makes a perfect pace for exploring the old town and Born neighborhood. The museum reveals the work of Pablo Ruiz Picasso via more than 3,800 pieces. Opened in 1963, it is here that you can see Picasso’s deep relationship with Barcelona. If you go on a Sunday, be sure to go early, as the queues get pretty long.
  3. Fundacio Joan Miro
    The Fundacio Joan Miro houses large displays of work by the famous Catalan in this glorious space on Montjuic, just near the cable car. It is the world’s most complete collection of Miro’s work and includes sculptures, drawings, paintings, textiles and ceramics.
  4. The Chocoalate Museum
    Yes, you read this correctly. Conveniently based near the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella in the former Sant Agustí monastery, you have a museum dedicated to what we love the most, chocolate. With informative and fun workshops and a dynamic tour of delicatessens, the history of cocoa is explained, as is the production of chocolate and the machinery used. More excitingly, you can even see a variety of creations made by chocolatiers, including Barcelona football players and giant Easter eggs.
  5. La Pedrera
    The attic in La Pedrera is stunning and elaborate housing some of the original plans of Gaudi’s work, including scale models and visual presentations. The attics of the building (where the water tanks and washing lines were based) are formed by two hundred and seventy catenary arches of different heights and actually hold up the roof. The space showcases Gaudi’s intrinsic obsession with natural elements in architecture.
  6. The Maritime Museum
    Located near Port Vell of Barcelona, the old port. Dedicated to maritime culture that spans more than 75 years of history, the museum showcases the heritage with a wide collection. It is based at the bottom of Las Ramblas, so rather easy to get to and close to the beautiful port. For those that also like a spot of thrifty shopping – there is an antique market nearby that is open on the weekends.
  7. City History Museum
    The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona is full of history and one of the most enlightening museums is The City History Museum in the Plaça del Rei. You are forced to face what would have been the reality in previous centuries, with underground paths, ruins of houses and chambers dating back to the Roman times.
  8. Science Museum
    You will find Barcelona’s Science Museum, on route to the mountain of Tibidabo. This is one museum that never disappoints, with an assortment of audio-visuals, hands on subject matters and interactive guides you can’t help but connect with the curious inner child and love science. A must for families and those that love animals, as there is an aquarium located on the lower floor and a small zoo area with small animals and reptiles.
    The CosmoCaixa also offers other areas, exhibitions and activities related with Science for children, adults and families: the Clik and Flash, the Bubble Planetarium and other workshops for families.
  9. FC Barcelona Museum
    Take a trip to Camp Nou and see what makes these Catalans specials, with their gigantic football ground, which currently stands at the third largest worldwide. Impressive right? Here you can book tours, go through the tunnel and of course buy tickets to see a match.
  10. Disseny Hub Barcelona (DHUB)
    The DHUB is actually a merger between a museum, a center and a laboratory and is dedicated to showcasing all aspects of design. This museum is great for artistic types – exploring technology, advertising, textiles and more. It is just near the Picasso museum and definitely worth visiting.

Barcelona is a perfect place for spending holidays with family, grandparents and kids who can always find something interesting and exciting to do in this great city. Below are a few places that I would recommend that you visit, and are great activities for the whole family.

Barcelona Touristic Bus

First of all, to get an overview of the city I would advise you to take a bus tour, where you will pass by most of the cultural and historical monuments of Barcelona. Moreover, kids would not have to walk and it will make the trip much easier for you when they just can stay in the bus and enjoy colorful views. A one day ticket will cost about 25€ and gives you an opportunity to save time on transportation and get to see more for a shorter period of time. One of the main benefits of the bus tour is the fact that you can get on and off from it whenever you want and many bus pass along the same route, so your waiting time is minimal.

Park Güell

To continue with, families can visit Park Güell, where they can see works of Antonio Gaudi and kids can play hide and seek in along the tricky park routes. The park is protected by UNESCO as a “work of Antonio Gaudi” whose monuments are the most famous and frequently visited in Barcelona. Gaudi is famous of his undisputable style of using flora and fauna as an example in the buildings and constructions.

L’aquarium de Barcelona

Furthermore, a visit to L’aquarium de Barcelona, which is the most important marine centre, would be an unforgettable experience for kids and also adults; there you can see aquariums with more than 10000 sea habitants. Also here you can see the Europe one Oceanarium where tourists can enjoy an amazing show with giltheads, sharks and morays. A great aspect is that the animals “feel” their freedom and this gives you an opportunity to see them in their natural environment.

Barcelona Zoo

Barcelona zoo

In addition, an unforgettable experience for the family vacation would be a visit to the Barcelona Zoo. The zoo has thousands of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. You can also visit the Zoo club, which is a haven for protected and rare species of animals, such as the albino gorilla.

Las Ramblas

A very exciting experience would be a walk along Las Ramblas and to see the amazing live sculptures and of course take a picture with them. If you give them a coin they will start to unpredictably move and do some tricks which are very interesting to watch. You can also find stores and cafeterias where it is very nice to take a break from walking and enjoy Catalan traditional drinks and snacks or buy souvenirs.

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