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What Happened to Indoor Navigation

Nobody seems to talk about it anymore, although the hype died down, some companies have continued to work on the technology.

Indoor navigation

Around 2015, there was a lot of hype about indoor navigation.

However, nobody seems to talk about it anymore.

Although the hype died down, companies such as Visioglobe have continued to work on the technology.

The main issue that is being perfected is to do with the indoor maps and how to track users.

The Different Aspects of Indoor Mapping

Indoor mapping can be classified into two related fields.

These are the tracking technologies and the maps used indoors.

The indoor tracking involves accurately locating the person inside a building.

The main challenge is coming up with technology that tracks users with accuracy.

The indoor maps are creative maps of indoor locations that can be used for navigation and marketing.

What is missing?

There exist many technologies for indoor tracking.

However, there are no standards.

GPS is great for use outside.

However, inside buildings, it becomes too inaccurate or does not work at all.

The other problem with indoor technology is that a high degree of accuracy is needed.

Outside, being off by just a few meters is not an issue.

However, if you are indoors, inaccuracy of more than just a meter could cause you to go into the wrong room.

Another hindrance of indoor maps is that buildings are in 3D.

However, only 2D mapping is possible with most devices.

Another issue is that creating complex virtual reality software can be quite time-consuming.

Besides that, it would require a powerful device with a long battery life.

As a result, indoor tracking may be limited to a few companies.

However, that does not mean that companies are not working hard to come up with solutions for indoor navigation.

The Impact of Indoor Mapping

The use of indoor mapping is going to have a great effect on the retail sector.

It is going to change how people make advertisements.

Additionally, it is going to make it quite easy for shoppers to find what they need in major shopping malls.

The result is that people may end up spending less time in shopping malls because of how easy it is to find products.

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