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Travel ideas on Valentine’s Day 2012

Valentine’s Day, the holiday of lovers, the holiday where love becomes the true protagonist and the world is tinged with a really fantastic aura of romance: why not choose to celebrate the best of this beautiful moment with a small holiday that can seal once again your deep love and make you live an unforgettable experience?

It is, indeed, a period in which it is difficult to take holidays but with a little organization we can all manage to find a couple of days or a weekend to enjoy a nice romantic getaway.

Travelling during holidays period is usually subject to the trends of the moment but not on Valentine’s Day whose most popular destinations remain unchanged year after year.

Valentine’s Day in Paris

Among European cities the most desired Valentine’s Day destination is of course Paris. In fact there is no European city that can be said to be the most romantic and full of passion. In fact, everything in Paris seems to unleash an out-of-the ordinary magic. If you want to live in Paris during this wonderful time choose a small hotel in the center of the city or a bed and breakfast, something very intimate to live with peace of mind such a special moment. Although Paris has truly exceptional museums and things, for Valentine’s Day you should not forget the walks, intense moments to live and shared together. Then choose to walk along the Seine to discover its wonders and its views, or choose the Champs-Élysées especially at the sunset time.

But not only Paris is the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day because France has many other historical perfect spots for a short romantic break. You can choose a small, rustic guest house nestled in the French countryside where the pastel colors of nature blend with refined elegance to the fragrance of sweets and cakes, a very unusual feeling that you will be able to live in the French countryside that takes you completely out of by time.

Valentine’s Day in Venice

Europe actually offers another very romantic city. We are obviously talking about our beautiful Venice, a jewel whose beauty is recognized worldwide which is fortunately only a few steps from us. Choose a double room of a small hotel that offers a direct view on the canals of Venice to spend a night in this lovely city and of course do not forget to get in a gondola to discover the most beautiful views of the whole area. Everything in Venice seems to be tailor-made for couples and perhaps this is its real specialty, all sized for lovers who can live moments of great intimacy.

Valentine’s in Verona

Among other Italian destinations Verona is ideal for Valentine’s Day. Lovers can go on the trail of Romeo and Juliet. Of course this is not a story with a happy ending but this is a very romantic story that tells of an intense love. Then go to visit Juliet’s house, leave a love note on the wall and you will see that this gesture will make your love story and your stay even more exceptional.

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  • Campervan Rental Australia on February 11, 2012 wrote:

    Paris, Venice and Verona are most popular places for Holidays in this Valentine’s day. I suggest you more another places like Goa, Simla, Matheran. These are also wonderful places for holidays. like your post and thanks for this idea.

    • Travels Guide on February 13, 2012 wrote:

      Thanks for your suggestions. I’m sure that these are beautiful places to visit also throughout the year, not only on Valentine’s day ;)

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