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Easter 2011: discovery of Rome

Already thought about how to spend these next Easter days?

Many Italians usually feel the need to travel around their peninsula and discover each new corner of it, that’s why this year’s most aimed Easter destination is the capital, Rome.

Our capital is the most favorite destination for tourists from all over the globe, and in the next few days, accommodations will certainly receive a real “boom” in reservations.

The “great open sky museum” offers tourists numerous monuments to visit and admire, from the Roman orifices, to the colosseum and the numerous gardens and villas, there are a variety of archeological beauties to discover.

What do you think about spending a long weekend in one of the most important and ancient cities of the world, where historical events of great importance have occurred?

Imagine yourselves walking alongside the Tevere river when the sun has fallen and the climate is mild, having an unforgettable experience.

All of this and much more will wait for you in Rome. Ready to go?

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