What to Do and What to See in Agrigento

The city offers a great historical heritage. All the place not to be missed during a Visit in Agrigento in Sicily (Italy).

Agrigento "Valle dei Templi"

The city of Agrigento is a very special place. Once landed on the spot, it seem to be located out of  Italy, for its similarities with an Arabian country. The city, thanks to the numerous domination through the centuries, offers a great historical heritage. This place has Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans origins  and all this is reflected even today.

Obviously the place not to be missed for many reasons is the charming and fascinating Valley of the Temples, an area once called Akragas, the  wonderful city of Magna Graecia, today is the largest archaeological park in the world, heritage of Unesco .

Many Doric temples, shrines and many other wonderful works of the Greek population make this place one of the places of Italy which has to be visited at least once. Places where it seems to relive the old times, places extremely well preserved, can really give strong emotions to visitors.

Agrigento "Valle dei Templi"

Agrigento, however, is not only the Valley of the Temples. Worth visiting are also the many churches, especially those in Arab-Norman style, such as the Basilica of St. Mary of the Greeks or the church of San Biagio. Do not miss also the Cathedral, Immaculate Conception and St. Francis of Paola. The churches are anywhere, and art lovers will be full of possibilities.

The place where, instead, you can make a really lovely walk, where you can enjoy a beautiful view and relax in a bar for a coffee break or in a shops, is the Avenue of Victory.

Agrigento is really a particularly beautiful city to enjoy places, smells of a city full of life, art and hospitality!

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