What to Do and What to See in Amalfi Coast

Find out the beauties of Amalfi Coast, discovering places such as Amalfi, Capri, Positano, Sorrento and Praiano.

Amalfi Coast

There is an extraordinary place, in province of Salerno, in South of Italy, that is so beautiful that it seems to have been painted: it is the Amalfi Coast. Here natural beauties and traditions interlock, creating a magic atmosphere that it’s possible to find only here.

Whether you decide to spend your holiday in a b&b, in an apartment or a boutique hotel on the Amalfi coast, the places to see are numerous in this magnificent piece of land.

Main attraction of the Mediterranean, the Amalfi coast is characterized by its coasts overlooking the sea, resulting in a spectacular scenery with unique charm named the Fiord of Furore, where magnificent views and sounds of the waves of the sea give a special feeling.

Furore is located near Amalfi, it’s an ancient maritime Republic, and another beautiful place not to miss out on, thanks to its beaches and natural beauties is the “Grotta dello Smeraldo”.

Not far from Amalfi, is Positano.

Positano is “the pearl” of the Amalfi Coast. Here you can reach on foot wonderful beaches as “Spiaggia Grande” and “Spiaggia di Fornillo” or visit other places as the “Emerald Grotto” or the “Positano Ballet“.

Destination of unquestionable value, Positano is a true Pearl of the Amalfi coast.

Its houses and colors make it easy to distinguish it, it will be love at first sight all over again with the city!

Its trendy boutiques, beaches and churches make Positano a wonderful place to visit for everyone.

Nerano Beach

To end your holidays in Amalfi you can visit other small, but beautiful towns such as Praiano and Ravello, and why not adventure through uncontaminated nature paths, by trekking along the Lattari mountains.

In short, on the Amalfi Coast, there is something for all tastes, just seize the moment and enjoy a dream vacation!

In the Amalfi Coast many different realities coexist, because it consists of many little and famous villages as: Amalfi, Capri, Positano, Sorrento and Praiano.

Obviously there are a lot of wonderful places to visit.

Starting from Amalfi, that is is the heart of all the coast. Here you can visit the Cathedral, that is one of the most important buildings of the city; the paper museum where is possible to see how paper was produced anciently; the arsenals that remember its past role of “maritime republic”.

Capri is another very important center.

Here some of the principal places to visit are: the three “Faraglioni“, that are gigantic rocks that come out from the sea known as “Faraglione di Mezzo”, “Faraglione Stella” and “Faraglione di Fuori”; the particular “Grotta Azzurra“, that is located in Anacapri where you can make a romantic excursion; the “Piazzetta of Capri” where there are some famous bars where you can taste a relaxing and good aperitif.

Sorrento has many attactions available as “piazza Tasso” where there are a lot of restaurants and bars , or the “Museo Correale di Terranova” that is rich in works of art as paintings and sculptures.

Praiano has many beautiful and particular places to visit as Marina di Praia that is a suggestive beach; Capo Sottile with its “Cala della Gavitella” and two historical towers.

However all the Amalfi Coast is characterized by an excellent climate, a wonderful and clear sea, the sun almost always shining and a blue sky.

So if you want to live an extraordinary and unforgettable experience of holiday, you need to start thinking about to organize it.

To reach the Amalfi Coast you can travel with an Amalfi Coast Limousine Service or rent a car; by boat or ferry, choosing between the main advantage offered by shipping companies; or by airplane with arrivals and departures at the airport of Naples.

For the accommodation, here you can find some historical hotels, and even if they have been restructured, their appearance has remained faithful to the ancient tradition of the buildings. Naturally there are also some modern hotels, of new construction and full of comforts.

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