Where to Sleep in Amsterdam

Overview of the best facilities where to sleep in Amsterdam. Best hotels and hotels, for different types of budget.


Amsterdam is one of the favorite destination of younger people. The houses in the town overlook directly on the waterways, which make the environment romantic and wild at the same time, this atmosphere  characterizes only  these parts of Europe. The city is full of important museums of art, including certainly the Van Gogh Museum with over 200 paintings and 500 watercolors, the Rijsmuseum focused on art and the Dutch Stedelijk Museum is ideal for all lovers of modern and contemporary art. Amsterdam offers many public parks of exceptional beauty, markets at open air are waiting to be discovered such as the truly original architecture. Being a favorite destination of young people, Amsterdam offers a wide range of really low housing prices.

Among the cheapest hotels in Amsterdam we obviously have to remember hostels, ideal for large groups of friends traveling in a group and for all those who have no problem to share their privacy with strangers. Among the best hostels in Amsterdam, there are the International Budget Hostel, which offers central canal views of exceptional beauty, the Shelter Jordaan  located in the west of the city in a quiet area but at the same time very picturesque and ideal instead for the Shelter City all those who love the nightlife. These hostels are a great choice for those who want to better enjoy Amsterdam without spending too much, but be careful because the hostels have very precise rules regarding curfews.

If you want to live in Amsterdam with parsimony but never renouncing to freedom and privacy, you can choose one of the many 1 star hotels or 2 star ones, however, excellent for all types of travelers.

Among the 1-star hotels we have to remember the cheapest Arrive Hotel, a beautiful 19th century building located in a central area of Amsterdam with its restaurants, cafes and bars. The Continental Centre Hotel is located in a central area of the city and offers single rooms, double, triple and quadruple rooms very spacious at exceptionally low prices. Finally, we must also remember the Ben Hotel,  located in a strategic place from which you can easily reach all areas of interest in the city and offering a warm and youthful ideal for a holiday free from all worries.

Among the cheapest 2-star hotel in Amsterdam but we must remember the Heart of Amsterdam Hotel, a centrally located hotel is very minimal but also very comfortable. It has 24 spacious rooms with private bathroom and television. The rooms offer a picturesque view over the canals of Amsterdam and from there all the major city’s attractions can be reached directly on foot. The Hotel Atlanta is located in an area of great cultural interest but also offers nightlife and therefore the possibility to visit Amsterdam in all its beauty and splendor. If you are design addicted you have to enjoy a stay at the Hotel Victorie Amsterdam that offers simplicity and comfort very low cost. The hotel rooms are spacious and furnished in modern style and offer fresh flowers and candy upon arrival in order to wish the welcome to all guests.

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