What to Do and What to See in Athens

The Greek capital of Athens is one of the most beautiful and modern capital cities in the entire world.

Acropolis, Athens

The Greek capital of Athens is one of the most beautiful and modern capital cities in the entire world. A visit to the city will truly blow your mind, there is so much to see and do that you could spend a lifetime there and still not have seen everything this unique city has to offer.

With that in mind, we looked at the best things you should see or do when you next take a trip to Athens.

Acropolis and Parthenon

Acropolis, Athens

If you were to say “Athens” to anyone then their immediate response would probably be something about “that monument on top of the hill”. Yes, that is the Acropolis, which looks out ominously over the suburbs and entire city below. Standing tall atop the Acropolis is the Parthenon, legendary Ancient Greek monument and still one of the most awe-inspiring sites in the entire world today. If you want to get up close and personal, it is best to go early before the tourist coaches arrive just before lunchtime. The best views are from afar at night, when they will be lit up and look majestic.

Syntagma Square

Syntagma square, Athens

This is the main square in Athens, home to, among other things, the Greek Parliament building and a number of luxury hotels. It is also the public transport hub of the city, so if you are looking to get around quickly then this is the place to be. Syntagma Square is also full of friendly tour guides selling maps of the city – this Square is the starting point for many of the city’s famed walks.

Bike Tours

Athens bike tour

Free bike tours around the city are free at weekends, and are a great alternative way to see the best of Athens and also keep the children entertained. There are departure points at various locations across the city, and most hotels will hold information on the nearest point to your accommodation.

The Beaches

Beach of Athens

Not many people are aware of the beautiful beaches Athens has to offer. Situated at the south of the city, they are not a secret to the locals, however, and you can always expect to find them extremely busy. The beachfront bars and cafés do tend to charge a premium, however, so make it a quick stop rather than a day-long stay.



Whether you are taking the ferry for a trip to one of the islands or simply taking in the sea air, Athens’ port of Pireaus is a must for any experience to the city. The seafood offered in the many restaurants on the waterfront is divine, although like at the beach the prices tend to be on the steep side.

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