What to Eat in Bahamas

Five signature pieces of Bahamian cuisine to get you started – sample one of each to make your vacation complete!

White Sandy Beach of the Bahamas

If you’re travelling to the Bahamas, you probably picked this exotic chain of islands as your vacation destination because of the stunning ocean views, the ethereal pink sand beaches or the world-famous snorkeling spots.

You’re guaranteed to fall in love with the Bahamas because of its gorgeous natural features, but what may surprise you is how much you’ll enjoy the food.

Traditional Bahamian cuisine offers something for everyone, so be sure to try some local dishes during your stay.

Below are five signature pieces of Bahamian cuisine to get you started – sample one of each to make your vacation complete!


Have you ever held a conch shell up to your ear to listen to the sound of the ocean?

You probably had no idea that a morsel of tasty, firm meat lies just inside.

The Bahamas is famous for its signature uses of conch, all of which are delicious and distinctly Bahamian.

Most restaurants throughout the country offer their own unique conch dish, whether it’s fresh, fried or served up in fritters.

Be sure to try this Bahamian rock lobster in a juicy conch salad or delectable conch chowder, and you’ll never again hear the sound of the ocean without getting cravings.

Crab Salad

Of course, fresh and yummy seafood in the Bahamas isn’t limited to conch.

Fresh-caught crab, baked or boiled, is especially tasty when served up in a salad, accompanied by lime juice, sweet peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions.

This juicy and flavorful crab salad, variations of which can be found at many restaurants throughout the Bahamas, is the perfect lunchtime snack or starter course for a decadent seafood dinner.


This traditional Bahamian dish, a hearty meat stew consisting of chicken, pork or conch, is the perfect meal to satisfy your hunger after a long day of fun vacation activities, like snorkeling or reef fishing.

This steamy concoction of juicy meat also contains onions, celery, peppers, spices and lime juice, and is just one of the many delicious soups served throughout the islands.

Johnny Cakes

Made from uniquely-seasoned cornmeal, Johnny Cakes are pieces of sweet-tasting bread cooked in a pan that make the perfect side dish to many traditional Bahamian dishes.

Dip a piece of your Johnny Cake into some steaming-hot souse or chunky conch chowder, or pack it as a seaside snack before hitting the beach.

Island-Inspired Cocktails

The Bahama Mama, the Bahama Breeze… no, they don’t technically count on a list of foods to try, but any mention of Bahamian cuisine must pay tribute to the delicious drinks that so often accompany it.

And it’s no wonder so many cocktails have been inspired by this small chain of islands – with such beautiful beaches, the Bahamas are the perfect place to pull up a chair and unwind, with a drink in your hand and your feet in the sand.

Hungry yet? These tasty local dishes are sure to get your mouth watering after a long day of playing in the sun.

Satisfy that rumbling tummy during your vacation with one of these Bahamian dishes, washed down with a cocktail or two, and you won’t be disappointed!

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