Beaches in Calabria

Beaches in Calabria are a lot and many of them are really fantastic, but let's see what are the the best.

Tropea beach

Beaches in Calabria are a lot and many of them are really fantastic, but let’s see what are the the best and what deserve to be visited more than others. Some are certainly more famous, home to thousands of tourists every summer, other – instead – are less known but equally beautiful.

We can split the Calabrian beaches in two types: those that look out over the Ionian Sea and the ones facing the Tyrrhenian Sea. Among them there are some who have made the history of Italian tourism, such as the beach of Tropea, considered among the finest in Europe, with a bluff overlooking the sea, crystalline waters and beautiful coastline.

On the Tyrrhenian Sea there are the beaches of Diamante, located in the Riviera dei Cedri and characterized by beautiful white sands. Other places where tourism is more developed are: Scalea and Praia a Mare, both with an extensive coastline and many attractions for visitors. Very special and beautiful is the town of Cetraro.

On the Ionian Sea, however, we must mention the white sands of Soverato, where the water is transparent and tourists can enjoy a fantastic place. The Lido Caminia is equally wonderful and frequented by surfers. The city of Crotone, however, is ideal for those who – in addition to the beaches – look for a little ‘history, with its cathedral and churches, represents also a strong artistic appeal.

On the Ionian Sea, near Crotone, one of the most important beache is Ciro Marina, where beaches are low, with pebbles,  with crystalline color water. And not to forget Sybaris, being close to two lakes, and the beautiful Isola di Capo Rizzuto (actually  is not really an island!) Which draws, thanks to its unique and picturesque, many tourists and visitors lovers of beach holidays .

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