Beaches in Croatia

Find out the most popular beaches of the amazing Croatia.

Beaches in Croazia

Croatia is one of the most popular and loved summer destinations.

It’s not just the Italians that find it irresistible being relatively in the proximity, but also tourists from around the world go to admire and swim in the crystal clear waters.

Croatia offers many benefits to those who decide to choose it as their holiday destination, the cost involved for their stay in Croatia are, in fact, very affordable and there are many choices.

The fact that today, among other things, Croatia is part of the European Union, it makes it even more simple for people to enter and depart.

In Croatia, in addition to traditional hotels and resorts, it is very “in vogue” to rent the apartments from private individuals.

Since this has become very common, these apartments are usually very well furnished and equipped.

Usually in Croatia there are no surcharges for final cleaning and ancillary costs, which is not bad, although it is always good to ask to confirm.

The Croatian coastline is one among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

A good part of the natational coast is made of stone or beaches of rocks and gravel, which helps make the sea appear even more transparent.

There is no need to panic, because in fact, Croatia has several sandy beaches where you can relax and that are more suited for children.

Lets’ start our summer trip to Croatia in its’ sandy beaches, the most accessible, starting from the islands.

Croatia offers many islands with sandy beaches and in this case we want to point out the island of Krk and Baska beach (photo shown), the one of Murter with the beach of Slanica and the island of Rab, where there is a couple of miles of sandy beach for those who prefer not to climb in difficult places to enjoy the sea.

Of course these are not the only islands of many where you can find sandy beaches. Lesina, Brac and many others are perfect, even the little ones.

In this case, maybe you want to avoid the nudist beaches, usually recognizable by signs bearing the acronym “FKK”, which stands for “Frei Kultur Korpen” the culture of free body.

Back on the mainland, Zlatini Rat is the most popular Croatian beach. Its’ name means “Golden Horn” and the pictures will help you understand why.

This strip of sand is surrounded by crystal clear and pure sea, but it is less suitable for small children, because they are very exposed to the wind.


At the same time the beach of Omis, in the center of Dalmatia, offers beautiful natural scenery combined with the services that the city has to offer.

Here in addition to sandy beaches you will also find some with of gravel.

Gravel, stones and rocks are an integral part of the scenarios that Croatia offers. Punta Peneda, in Istria, offers breathtaking views of the sea with small coves.

Less difficult is the beach of Sali, where there are rocks but it is easy to enjoy the sea. On the island of Hvar, however, is probably the most pristine of the nation: Sveta Nedjelja.


Rocks and stones on the edges of the sea are just a small obstacle to confront compared to the turquoise sea that characterizes these places which makes them unforgettable.

In short, Croatia is a place that can satisfy the needs for anyone.

Whether you prefer the freedom, privacy, tranquility or the convenience of a sandy beach, there are many choices.

Although the water is a bit colder than what we are used to, the Croatian beach is very little polluted due to absence of industries and waterways that are potentially polluting.

An unpolluted sea, fresh air and good fish based food, all at a convenient price, makes Croatia a very attractive destination for everyone wishing to spend a summer fulfilled with relaxation and fun.

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