What to Do and What to See in Bogota

Bogota is growing its vocation as a tourist destination thanks to the various parks in the city, for historical and other attractions that we will see just hereinafter.


With nearly 9 million inhabitants, Bogota is the most populous city of Colombia, as well as being, of course, the capital.

The city is located exactly in the center of the nation, in the so-called Savannah and like many other South American capitals, rises above sea level, in this case of  2640 meters.

Lately Bogota has increased its vocation as a tourist destination, thanks to the various parks in the city, the historic beauty and diverse attractions that we will see just below.

La Candelaria

Candelaria Bogoda

This is the old city, the historic area of the city of Bogota. Folkloric and charming as many historic districts of the South American continent, the Candelaria is a lively area, characterized by colonial architecture, colorful houses, wonderful murals and narrow alleys intersecting with each other.

Here there are several structures: theaters, libraries, cinemas, but also hotels and hostels for all budgets.

And monuments? In the Candelaria neighborhood do not miss the statue of Simon Bolivar, the parliament building, the unmissable cathedral (Catedral Primada de Bogota) or the museum dedicated to Botero, one of the most famous Colombians painters and sculptors.


Chapinero Bogota

This however is the most modern district, made up of major hotels, malls, shops, several restaurants and nightclubs. If you want to spend a crazy night, this is the right place.

The chapinero includes the Pink Zone, el Parque de la 93 and the Zona G, which refers to gastronomy, as here you will find many places where you can taste the typical Colombian dishes.

Bogotà museum

Gold Museum Bogoda

Bogota is one of the South American city that hosts the largest number of museums. Here the culture is everywhere, my advice is to spend some time visiting the Gold Museum of the Republic, to appreciate artifacts of pre-Columbian period.

About the museum dedicated to Botero I have already spoken, equally interesting is to Colonial Art.

The rest can also be guided by instinct: going around the town you will find numerous art galleries, some of them very interesting.

Bogota is an amazing city and I’m sure that will not disappoint you. Here the love of culture will definitely satisfied, but also no shortage of places to enjoy the greenery.

Very beautiful in this sense is the Simon Bolivar park, ideal for relaxing after a day visiting the beauties of the city.

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