What to Do and What to See in Cairns

Cairns is a very popular travel destination particularly for foreign tourists due to its tropical climate.


Cairns is a local city within Far North Queensland in Australia and was founded in 1876. The city is located approximately 2,700 km from Sydney and approximately 1,700 km from Brisbane by road. Cairns is a very popular travel destination particularly for foreign tourists due to its tropical climate. The city serves as an initial point for those who need to visit the Far North Queensland and Great Britain.

Tourism plays a key role in the economy of Cairns and the region is rated the fourth-most popular international tourist destination in Australia after Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Cairns main tourist attractions.

Great barrier reef

Cairns, Great Barrier Reef

This is the biggest single structure in the world that has been built by coral polyps over the past 600,000 years. One major attraction for visitors are over 1500 fish species that live here including red bass, clownfish, and several species of coral trout and snapper. On the reef are also around 30 species of dolphins, whales and porpoises including the humpback whale and dwarf minke whale. While at the reef you can also see salt water crocodiles that live in the salt marshes and mangrove as well as six sea turtle species.
Birdwatchers who visit the Reef can enjoy seeing around 200 bird species including 40 water bird species that live there. Other interesting animals to see particularly on the southern reef reaches are 17 sea snake species and none of them are endangered species.

Rain forest

Cairns, Rain Forest

Many visitors come to Cairns to experience the World Heritage, listed rainforest covering around 900,000 hectares however the national parks that surround the rainforest are also interesting. In the world heritage regions are the highest mountains in Queensland, Mount Bellenden Ker and Bartle Frere and the longest single-drop waterfall in Australia, the 305 metre Wallaman Falls located west of Ingham.

There are a number of national parks in Cairns region, but one of the most popular national parks is Daintree. The park is located approximately 100 km on the northern part of Cairns. Covering about 1200sq km, Daintree is among the biggest chunks of rainforest in Australia and contains 30% of marsupial, reptile and frog species in Australia. It also has around 65% of butterfly and bat species in Australia as well as 20% bird species.


Beaches, Cairns

In the peak of Cairns coast are great beaches towards the south and north of Cairns city. Together with a stunning backdrop of rainforest mountains, the beaches in the Cairns region are a pictorial destination. At the beach, there is a perfect stretch of sand where visitors can pitch their tents and be able to watch the sun rising above the Coral Sea or sip champagne on the edge of water from a spa or they can enjoy taking a dip at an abandoned beach.


Cairns Islands

Off Cairns coast are many spectacular tropical islands, the Green Island being the closest one to Cairns. A large number of visitors who visit the island are usually day trippers who come to enjoy the public swimming pool, white sandy beaches and Marineland Melanesia, a home to a few largest crocodiles held in captivity (an underwater observatory), glass-bottomed boats and island walks.

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