What to Eat in Campania

A gastronomic holiday in Southern Italy absolutely must start from Naples.

Pizza Margherita

Italian cuisine is recognized worldwide for its tasty and unique dishes.

A gastronomic holiday in Southern Italy absolutely must start from Naples, where – of course – it is impossible not to mention the Pizza, famous throughout the world.

Pizza Margherita

The famous “Pizza Margherita” with tomato and mozzarella, is just one of many varieties that you can taste in the Campania region, just like the classic “sausage and broccoli” or pizzas made with buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes from San Marzano, typical of Campania Region.

There are many fish dishes which you should tasted, even in the Neapolitan province,as the so-called “mpepata di cozze” (mussels with pepper and salt), or fish cooked in the oven as a weaver, sea bream, scorpion fish and Cuocci. Well-known are the seafood, as well as mussels,clams are to be tasted, usually prepared as a main dish with spaghetti.

Pasta di Gragnano

Spaghetti are one of the strengths of Gragnano pasta, exported worldwide, prepared with quality wheat and bronze drawn. In Gragnano you can also taste the famous local wine, slightly sparkling. The wine is a prerogative of the entire Campania region, where products are high quality wines, as “Falanghina”, “Lacryma Christi”or the “Penisola Sorrentina”.

Limoncello, Sorrento

Once the gastronomic tour arrives in Sorrento you must try the famous limoncello liqueur, made by the famous lemons from Amalfi and Sorrento Coast.

There are many culinary events in Sorrento, during the year, which you may attend.

Not missing, of course, the important and popular culture of pastry. In Naples is a must to drop in a pastry shop and eat the classic “Sfogliatella”, whether curly or crust, the taste and the sweet fragrance of these cakes is absolutely unique.

Obviously, after all this eating, is time to relax and have a nice coffee, made with the old Neapolitan coffee maker!

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