What to Do and What to See in Cape Town

Cape Town is easily one of the best things about South Africa, full of natural beauty and modern amenities.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

Cape Town is easily one of the best things about South Africa. The place is full of natural beauty and modern amenities. Given below are some of the must-visit places in the town. If you’re packing your bags to visit the city, make sure you pay these places a visit too.

Atlantic Seaboard

Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town

Also knows as Riviera, it is a must visit. It stretches from Victoria and Alfred waterfront to the west side of the cape peninsula. It is a beautiful stretch of the coast that is visited by locals and tourists all the time. The beautiful seaboard is a great place to enjoy the seabreeze.

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town

The classic building dates back to 1860. The original building has been renovated keeping the same style and pattern. Originally built in the times of Prince Alfred (Queen Victoria’s son) for construction of the breakwater, it offers visitors a great view. People can enjoy fishing and scuba diving. There are also great restaurants and shopping plazas close to the waterfront that everyone must visit at least once, when in town.

Table Mountains

Table Mountain, Cape Town

At a 30 minutes’ drive from Afton Grove, the mountain stands at 1086 m above the sea level. It is approximately 3 kilometers wide. The mountain is gigantic and wonderful to look at. It dominates Cape Town and is a part of the Table Mountain National Park. You can enjoy the view on the cable car. There are also designated parkways for you to explore the area. The beauty is breathtaking and will add an extra star to your visit.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

They are world famous for Cape Flora. At a distance of 20 minutes’ from Afton Grove, these gardens are simply spectacular. They are ranked among some of the most magnificent gardens of the planet. You can see around 6000 species of flowers there. The gardens are full of scents and colors. You can also go on hiking, as they are attached with the Table Mountains, to enjoy the beautiful view from the mountains. The view is simply out of this world. It’s a place you would want to stay forever.

Also for your viewing is a cycad bush, one of the rarest kinds in the world, in a cage. The garden is also full of beautifully crafted sculptures that you would love to happily pose with.

National History Museum

National History Museum, Cape Town

Museums are not loved everyone’s first priority, but when you are on a foreign land, you should visit them to be accustomed with the land’s history and traditions. The national history museum is the oldest museum in South Africa that was established in 1825. The museum has its own story to tell and there are always great painting and collections to look at. Do pay it a visit when you tour the city.

The Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve and Cape Point

Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve

It is one of the major attractions of the city. This is a combination of wildlife, mountains and sea. It’s located within the Table Mountain Park, and is a must see. Africa is famous for its wildlife and you can experience some here. There are beautiful cliffs that you must explore. The reserve is so big it can take a whole day exploring, but in the end it is worth it!

Constantia Wine Route

Constantia Wine Route

Only at 15 minutes of drive from Afton Grove, Constantia wine route is majestic. Here you can find some of the oldest and the best wine states in the country. This is a major attraction and a lot of people visit this yearly. Remarkable wine is produced here that you must give a try. Make sure you visit Groot Constantia, Cape Town’s oldest vineyard, as it’s totally worth s visit.

Make the most out of your trip top the beautiful city. Visit all the parks, see the beautiful images, enjoy a movie or a play in the local theatre, get a chance to dine-in in the finest restaurant and enjoy delicious local food. Cape Town has a great night life. Make sure you enjoy it all!

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