Where to Sleep in Capri

Let's see together which are the best hotels, the ones that can really satisfy your every desire.

Faraglioni Capri

Capri is the perfect destination for summer vacations, a charming place that seems straight out of a fairy tale. Here you will find the most beautiful sea throughout the entire Italian peninsula with beautiful coves awaiting your arrival but also the old part of town is a real jewel studded with small restaurants where you’ll enjoy local specialities and the nightlife.

Capri has a nature to be discovered but it is also a place of great luxury and elegance, where numerous international VIPs gather each year.

5 Star Hotels in Capri

Hotel Villa Marina, Capri

Experience the island of Capri staying in a 5-star hotel will enjoy a luxurious, where the guest and his comfort are always put first. Below the best 5-star hotels on the island, discovering what characteristics make them so unique.

4 Star Hotels in Capri

Hotel Ambassador Weber, Capri1

Staying in Capri in a 4-star hotel means having the opportunity to experience this enchanting area which really boasts all the possible amenities and exclusive services, that make your holiday a truly unforgettable moment. There are many 4 star hotels in the area, so many that trying to list them all is almost impossible. But let’s see together which are the best hotels, the ones that can really satisfy your every desire.

3 Star Hotels in Capri

Hotel Canasta, Capri

Visiting Capri sleeping in a 3-star hotel is the best compromise between quality and a more affordable price. Here are the best three-star hotels on the island.

2 Star Hotels in Capri

Hotel La Reginella, Capri

Staying in a hotel in 2 Stars in Capri gives way even to those who are on a tight budget, to spend a few days on the island, to visit and discover the beauty that make it so popular in the world.

1 Star Hotels in Capri

Hotel Stella Maris, Capri

Ideal for those who can not spend too much, but want the same spend some pleasant day in Capri, 1 Star hotels in Capri are designed precisely to offer this kind of possibility.

If our list was not satisfying, you can broaden your search of a Hotel in Capri by clicking HERE.

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