What to Do and What to See in Caribbean

There you have a few of the must-do things while on a vacation at the Caribbean, that offers white beaches and crystal clear sea.

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Anyone who first arrives at their resort on a Caribbean island should be forgiven for finding themselves totally focused on the crystal clear sea and the beautiful beaches of white sand that stretch for miles.

It can be all too tempting to spend a whole fortnight never leaving the resort but that would be a real shame as there is so much more to the Caribbean than its beaches and resorts.

Below is a list of must-do things while on a vacation at the Caribbean for a variety of islands that will hopefully give you some inspiration.

No matter which of the Caribbean islands you are staying on, if you travel around a little you will see some beautiful plantation houses.

Most of them have been turned into hotels, but if you happen to find yourself on Anguilla be sure to head for Wall Blake House, which has been restored and will give you a real taste of what island life was like.

Most Caribbean islands have at least a small section that is forested and guided tours are always available.

Those on Grenada will find that after a 45 minute hike they will be well rewarded as the path ends at the Seven Sisters Falls where they will get a chance to swim in the refreshingly cold water to cool down before heading back again.

If hiking through the rain forest is not really your cup of tea then how about riding in the air through it?

In Dominica they have an aerial tram that seats eight people and travels through a mile of rain forest through the canopy.

The guide will make sure that you don’t miss a thing during your ride and you may find that you actually end up seeing more than those hiking on the ground.

If you are holidaying on Barbados and want to experience a proper local night out then head to the Garrison Savannah race track.

This is located just outside of Bridgetown and has been home to horse racing for more than 100 years.

Lounge under the trees with a picnic or stand at the rail and scream with the locals. It’s a night to remember.

Whilst on a vacation at the Caribbean, you should be lucky enough to experience true local cuisine whilst in your resorts, but if you head out to the local towns then you will find so much more available to tempt your taste buds.

For example while in Jamaica make sure that you take your opportunity to try breadfruit.

Often this is not available in the resorts, which makes it easy to miss and that would be a real shame.

So there you have a few of the must-do things while on a vacation at the Caribbean.

Of course every island will have its own sights and things that should not be missed so when you book a holiday to an island in the Caribbean make sure that you research what is available there before you go.

Getting out and about on your holiday island will ensure that you have the most unforgettable holiday ever.

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