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Travels Guide Curiosities

Here you’ll find curiosity and original features that distinguish specific places. Articles out of the ordinary are part of this category, where you can find also the “hidden” sides of very well-known places. Maybe in these pages you’ll find details of places you know deeply and that, despite this, you had escaped. Keep an eye on these pages if you prefer something less obvious and more folkloristic to the “classic” travels.

Discovering the Valensol Plateau

Lavande en Provence

Information, advice and useful directions for visiting the Provence and the lavender fields in Valensol Plateau.

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Touring Salento in Scooter

Salento road

Tour on scooter in Salento: 12 hours of breathtaking views, delights of Puglia and so much history.

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Easter in Barcelona

Barcelona panorama

Barcelona during Easter vacations: find out religious ceremonies, traditions and fun.

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Christmas in Positano

During Christmas Positano becomes a paradise for children and adults.

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Christmas in Bangkok

Most people who are in Bangkok around the time of Christmas and New Year’s Eve will usually be found gathered together in a big crowd at Central World Square.

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