What to Do and What to See in Chianti

What do you think about placing your computer aside, and taking off for a relaxing weekend in the hills of Chianti?


Tuscany is one of the most beautiful and sought-after regions in Italy; here there are art cities with a cultural heritage envied worldwide. The green heart of this place is Chianti area, that is visited every year by millions of Italians and foreigners tourists.

Chianti is located among the provinces of Siena,Florence and Arezzo and features many little hills with olives and grapevines that, seen from afar, give a precious view full of colors.
Thanks to the Chianti wine produced here, this is a destination really liked by many Vips that are enchanted by its tastes, landscapes and flavors, so they come back every year to try the local delicacies and the relaxing mild climate.

To discover the pure essence of this valley you have to see Castellina in Chianti, where we find the Archaeological Museum of Senese Chianti, inside the ancient Rocca, that keeps the historical finds of the region. Then, in Castelnuovo Berardenga you can admire the garden of Villa Chigi-Saracini with a lot of statues dedicated to the great Italian musicians; the others towns are Gaiola in Chianti and Radda in Chianti, where is based the Classic Chianti wine that has the Black Rooster brand.
We suggest to visit one of the handicraft shops and buy a souvenir sipping a glass of wine, of course!

An advice for your itineraries is Chianti Sculpture Park, an artistic route inside a wood, where 25 artists created their works, perfectly balanced with the surrounding landscape.

It’s an open-air museum, where to enjoy beautyness and discover nature. There is also an Art Shop and, during summer, special live concerts.

History, art and wine-producing tradition make Chianti the ideal venue for most demanding travellers; isn’t by chance that a lot of celebrities bought an home here, to enjoy the mild winter and the airy summer.

Feel like unwinding a bit after an arduous and chaotic week of work?

What do you think about placing your computer aside, and taking off for a relaxing weekend in the hills of Chianti?

This region is composed of numerous towns including:

The majority of tour operators do not always put forward special offers for the Chianti area in Tuscany, for this reason we highly suggest to inform yourselves on the best accommodations available, by reading online reviews about the area and so on..

What to see in this neck of the woods?

For those who love walking, nature-walk itineraries around the region and food and wine tours are just perfect.

Also worth visiting, is the Natural Park of Saint Michael set at an altitude of 800 meters high, where the air is fresh to breathe in and the food is quite good at the particular trattorias there to be found.

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