Christmas in Bangkok

Most people who are in Bangkok around the time of Christmas and New Year’s Eve will usually be found gathered together in a big crowd at Central World Square.

If you have decided to spend Christmas and New Year away from home, then you may like to try Bangkok as your destination. Filled with bright colors and stunning festivals, this is one of the greatest places on Earth to spend the exciting celebration period.

Most people who are in Bangkok around the time of New Year’s Eve will usually be found gathered together in a big crowd at Central World Square. The Central World Square comes in third place among the largest shopping centres in the world. This enormous plaza includes a luxury hotel and offices.

On New Year’s Eve you have the chance to browse the many shops, eat in fancy eateries and enjoy the decorations that are hung everywhere for the celebrations. At midnight, fireworks of all shapes and sizes take place in the night sky and light it up like a Christmas tree. At the Central World Square, they especially enjoy putting on a magnificent display for all natives and tourists to enjoy.

Another place to try for the New Year’s celebrations would have to be Khaosan Road. This is also well known as back-packers heaven. The road is complete with shops selling anything from clothes to books and also has everything a traveler needs to adequately equip their backpack. Here you can find cheap accommodation, snack-bars and a couple of ancient temples.
Khaosan Road also offers a wide range of massage parlors, perfect for travelers with aching backs and shoulders. A mixture of Thais and Western tourists gather here and like to enjoy a beer together.

It isn’t at all hard to find a place to grab a beer in Bangkok as many places even sell it from little vending carts scattered around the streets. On New Year’s Eve, as mad as Khaosan Road is, it gets even crazier as millions of people flock there to celebrate and drink. Alcohol is sold and served in small multi-colored buckets with a handle and a few straws, ideal for sharing with friends.

A short distance away from Khaosan Road, you will find Phra Nakorn Bar. The bar serves alcoholic beverages and has a large selection of tasty dishes that will leave you wanting more. Friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere, Phra Nakorn is the perfect place to meet up with friends and family before midnight and settle down to a nice meal and some pleasant chit-chat whilst indulging in a bottle of Thailand’s famous wine.

As Thailand is well known as the country of smiles, you sure won’t be making a mistake in choosing this fantastic country as the place you celebrate the New Year.
Full of friendly people, tasty cuisine and lively evenings, Bangkok will leave a great impression on all who visit.
Make sure you take your camera with you when stopping in Bangkok and have a good backpack as there are so many souvenir shops to tempt even the most difficult of travelers  that it is hard not to pick up a bargain whilst wandering around this interesting place.

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