The Diamond District of Antwerp

Antwerp is the world's largest center of production and sale of diamonds.

Antwerp is the world’s largest center of production and sale of diamonds.

Incredibly, 7 out of 10 diamonds worldwide in fact come from this wonderful city. If you love luxury and the sparkle of a diamond you cannot miss Antwerp, a city  completely based on diamonds.


Diamondland Antwerp

Just minutes from the Center of Antwerp, in a secluded and well protected area, where you’ll find the world’s largest showroom of Diamonds.

We are talking about Diamondland, an immense complex of over 2 square kilometers which hosts 4 diamond stock companies and over 1500 different companies that work with the best diamond cutters in the world and in which some of the most beautiful and precious diamonds are made. An enchanted place where it is impossible not to remain in awe.

Diamondland was enriched in 1983 thanks to a showroom specially designed for visitors wanting to explore the fabulous world of diamonds.

Through a guided visit lasting about 20 minutes, with guides are able to speak in different languages, we can observe from up close the cutters at work to discover not only how well cut diamonds are made, embedding them,  and how they are used for making jewels of great value. Visitors can also discover what is the true purity of a diamond, which are the best cuts and carats of any diamond to include in international standards on which they rely for their evaluation and their listing in the stock exchange.

Here you can obviously buy jewelry and diamonds still embedded at factory prices, which is really convenient.

Diamonds Museum


Diamond lovers can certainly not miss a visit to the diamond Museum located a few steps from the central station of Antwerp.

Going backwards in time, bringing you to the 15th century, period in which the commercialization of diamonds from Antwerp started.

The Museum offers us the opportunity to move forward in history until the present day, exploring the development of trade and production of diamonds and the way in which this trade has obviously affected the city of Antwerp.

This museum is therefore a way to discover diamonds but also art, jewelry and its evolution process.

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