What to Do and What to See in Dubai

Find out Dubai and its five most breathtaking spots to visit to enjoy the city.

Dubai Palm Jumeirah

Dubai is associated with wealth, gold and business opportunities.

This is the perfect example of the 21st century city with numerous and breathtaking buildings and luxurious hotels.

It is gaining its place as the world’s most popular luxury holiday destination.

Though once a wasteland, Dubai has grown in leaps and bounds to become the world’s most exotic city.

There are so many iconic places to visit here.

To make the best of your holiday in Dubai visit some of these places.

The Burj Al-Arab

Burj al Arab

This can only be described as an architectural feat of genius. Designed by Tom Wright and stands magnificently on a man-made island located 280 meters offshore the Persian Gulf.

It is a fully functional luxurious a hotel with an underwater restaurant, Sky view bar and seven star hotel rooms. Not only is it an artificial wonder but it is also an important icon of Dubai.

You can see the Burj Al-Arab from the sea on a cruise around Palm Jumeirah by a unique rib boat. Click here for more details.

Gold Souk

Gold Souk, Dubai

If you visit Dubai and miss out on this important market, you may never understand the meaning of the Golden Land.

It is a place busy with bustling with activities.

This is the heart of gold trade, the most famous gold market in the world.

Feast your eyes on some of the world’s finest gold quality.

You will also find a wide array of fine spices and numerous perfumes.

The Palm Jumeirah

Dubai Palm Jumeirah

Make a point to visit the Palm Jumeirah, creatively designed in the shape of a palm tree in the ocean.

Not only does it make for stunning aerial views, it also offers world famous luxurious hotels and great recreational facilities.

This can be described as a paradise of entertainment, exciting fashion designs and tasteful delicacies.

A tour through this artificial island especially at night unwinds your mind with the magnificent buildings and dazzling lights.

The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Shopping is always an exciting and fulfilling experience, doing it in style and in the largest mall in the world is in fact thrilling and fun.

A holiday in Dubai would absolutely make no sense if you do not visit the Dubai mall.

It contains more than 1200 stores and attracts more than 30 million people annually.

A single day visit is not enough to take in all that the mall has to offer. For movie lovers there are twenty two screens to enjoy in the cinema complex.

If you are travelling with kids they will enjoy playing in the playgrounds with state of the art facilities or enjoy underground aquarium experience.

The numerous high end stores and food outlets can make for an overwhelming shopping experience.

Desert Rides in Dubai

Desert Rides, Dubai

Experience traditional Arabic life riding a camel through the vast dunes of Dubai and experience a true traditional fashion. More details about the experience here.

Enjoy the wonderful sites of the glimmering sandy golden dunes as you combine your camel riding experience with visiting the camel farms.

For the more adventurous, go all out and try the whole Arabic dress code with the Taliban head gear just for fun.

Later enjoy delicious meal under the Arabian stars as you watch the vibrant belly dancers, dancing the night away. The perfect way to experience the drama of Arabian nights.

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