What to Do and What to See in Fidenza

Practical guide to guide you during a visit to the beautiful city of Fidenza.


Fidenza, once San Donnino village, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places of Verdi Valleys.

This delightful and picturesque art town is situated between Parma and Piacenza, right on the Via Francigena.

Between the Apennines and the Po River, in the heart of the Po Valley, lies the city of Fidenza.

Located a few kilometers from the Cities of Parma, Piacenza and Cremona, not far from the places where famous people were born including Giuseppe Verdi and Giovanni Guareschi.

Fidenza is the ideal destination for all those looking for a warm and hospitable place for a short visit or to spend a longer holiday.

A unique opportunity to admire the historic and artistic heritage that this medieval village preserves, a relaxing walk or bike in the green hills that surround it, go shopping and rejoice spending pleasant convivial moments in the restaurants, with a good wine and the excellent traditional dishes.

The perfect starting point to visit Fidenza is certainly its cathedral.

Fidenza Cathedral

Fidenza Cathedral

This Romanesque architecture dating back to the XI-XII century is considered a true masterpiece. Admire with great attention the façade with statues and bas-reliefs, a facade that is born for pilgrims and for the faithful who in these figures may find important symbols of their faith.

Among the works of religious art that can be admired inside there is the Enthroned Madonna and Child made by Benedetto Antelami.

Do not forget to also look at the Roman sarcophagus which were once stored the remains of San Donnino, today located just below the altar.

The top of the façade is incomplete, but the bottom with its sculptures, is a beautiful example of Romanesque architecture, such as the two statues by Benedetto Antelami and the bas-reliefs depicting the history of San Donnino.

The interiors are simple and well-proportioned, not at all ruined by the restoration.

The Simon Peter Apostle statue on the Cathedral is famous for the tip in the direction of Rome, in his left hand with the words “I’ll show you the way to Rome”, which makes it one of the first road signs in the world.

The Cathedral is certainly not the only building of great historical and architectural interest in Fidenza.

We have remember also the Teatro G. Magnani, where are set up throughout the whole year a lot of beautiful sights, the Town Hall and the Church of San Michele.

The Cathedral Museum

Museo Duomo Fidenza

The Museum of the Cathedral of Fidenza, opened in the year 2000, is divided into two sections: the first within the Bishop’s Palace, the second inside the Cathedral, in the North Gallery.

Here you will find objects and artifacts of great artistic and historical liturgical interest.

An heritage enriched over time thanks to the precious gifts that the pilgrims left on the grave of the martyr San Donnino, made of furniture, vases and ornaments.

Risorgimento Museum Luigi Musini

Risorgimento Museum Luigi Musini

Of great interest the Renaissance Museum Luigi Musini which is situated on another very striking building, the former Orsoline Palace.

Here you can immerse yourself in the renaissance of the province of Parma, but not only.

In the course of time, in fact, the museum has been enriched by new heirlooms and has allowed to penetrate even in the period from the French Revolution up to World War II.

A century and a half of national history, from Napoleon to the Second World War.

Founded by Nullo Musini on 1959, which entitled to his father Luigi Musini, his father.

The museum displays the collected material from Musini son and documents belonging to the archive and material donated by the municipal fidentini Nino Teeth and Benito Mattioli.

Fossil Museum

Fossil Museum

Here you can observe closely the shells and skeletons of many molluscs, but also of starfish and whales, which were found in Stirone, a stream which is now part of the Regional River Park and it is experiencing a slow erosion.

Fidenza Village Shopping Center

Fidenza Village

Fidenza Village Outlet Shopping is just 7 km away from the center, a real village whose architecture inspired by the writing of the works of Verdi and whose buildings are home to over 100 boutiques of the most important fashion brands, both Italian and international, to experience luxury shopping, but at reasonable prices.

More than 100 brands of clothing, beauty products, household items and accessories, as well as several restaurants and bars where you can enjoy all the goodies of the area.

A free shuttle connects the center of Fidenza to the Outlet Fidenza Village.

Not only that, the Fidenza Village Outlet Shopping also offers several dining options where you can sample some of the best local produce, obviously starting from the Parmesan cheese, the prosciutto di Parma and vinegar of Modena Balsamic.

Nature, Relax and free time

Fidenza Nature

From Fidenza there are several itineraries to discover the small villages surrounding the city.

The most popular are:

Stirone and Piacenziano Regional Park

Stirone and Piacenziano Regional Park

An open-air museum, with picnic areas, trails and parking. Dug in Stirone there is also a small “Canyon” accessible from the “Le Cascatelle”.

What is the best time to visit Fidenza?

Fidenza is an ideal destination all year round, but obviously Spring and Autumn are always to be preferred, these periods where it rains less and the temperatures allow stroll undisturbed in the streets throughout the day.

It is important to remember that in autumn there is the Fidenza Granfiera of Borgo San Donnino, a festival dedicated to all local activities where you can discover the true spirit of the city and its lands.

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