What to Do and What to See in Germany

Deutschland is a great country with the traces of ancestry back from many generations.

Trier Dom

There are number of clichés that we get to hear about Germans: they are reserved, rude, punctual, and less friendly and most of them lack that funny bone.

Most of the above might or might not be true but the “less friendly” part is absolutely erroneous.

Germans will always treat you with all the warmth and care in the world provided you respect their culture and country.

Deutschland is a great country with the traces of ancestry back from many generations.

Once you start getting deeper into the beautiful culture of the place you’ll discover incredible places to visit in Germany.

This is a land that has a lot more to it than a beer.

It has so many amazing travel destinations that it’s very hard to limit the places in a few words but still we have tried to present you the most beautiful places.

The Gothic Cathedral

Gotich Cathedral, Cologne

Officially this architectural site is known as the Cologne cathedral because of being located in Cologne.

Cathedral was the seat of bishop of Cologne.

This is one of the most beautiful architectural sites and was the tallest building in the world till 1880 (before Eiffel tower was built).


Castle Ruins, Heidelberg

You’ll get to see many beautiful castle ruins in Heidelberg.

The second attraction is the University of Heidelberg which is the third oldest university in Europe.

People from all the nations come to educate themselves in one of the most reputed universities of the world.

Heidelberg is also known as center of Romanticism in Germany.

Black forest

Black Forest

This region of Germany is home to woods, amazing scenery, woodlands and beautiful landscapes.

Some locals believe that this region is haunted by witches and werewolves.

But otherwise this place is amazingly beautiful comprising rolling hills, lush green forests and small villages.

Wine route and German clock route are two routes that must be traversed on a visit to Black forest.


Trier Dom

On the beautiful banks of Moseley River lies the oldest city of Germany, Trier.

Found in a century before the birth of Christ, this city was home to several Roman emperors.

That is why this is the only city in Germany where you can find some traces of Roman culture; some of the houses built in Roman style of architecture are still present.

Though the city is the oldest of all but it offers all its visitors very nice furnished apartments and some beautiful well furnished villas built in same style of architecture.


Berlin, Brandeburg Gate

You might have heard a lot about the great Berlin wall which was built to divide Berlin into East and West.

It was built to keep people from passing back and forth between the two parts of the city i.e. Soviet German democratic republic and the Federal republic of Germany.

The wall officially was broken in 1989 but you can still see some fragments of rock and brick at some places.

Apart from this Berlin is the biggest city in Germany and is famous for art, architecture and nightlife.

Apart from these places there is a huge heap of cities in Germany that deserve to be visited at least once in a lifetime.

So, if you are planning a trip to this beautiful country take note of these amazing destinations mentioned above and do a little bit homework about German culture to avoid any kind of culture clash (as Germans are very much sensitive about their culture and language).

And lastly don’t forget to eat Black forest cake once you visit Black forest!

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