What To Do and What To See in Gloucestershire

Often recognized as one of the most beautiful and inviting regions in all of the UK, Gloucestershire can make for a wonderful trip.

Gloucester Cathedral

Often recognized as one of the most beautiful and inviting regions in all of the UK, Gloucestershire can make for a wonderful trip.

It’s close enough to London that visitors can take part in some commonly recommended tourist activities in England’s capital, yet remote enough that it is still known for its own attractions and events. If a trip to this region sounds appealing to you, here are six events and attractions in particular to see in Gloucestershire.

Visit The Gloucester Cathedral

Many people’s pick as the most striking sight in Gloucester, the gothic cathedral is a must-visit on any trip to the area.

Tours through the stunning cathedral are wonderful for those with an appreciation of architecture or history, and the attached coffeehouse gives you a good place to relax among the beautiful buildings.

View The Gardens

In many of the UK’s best travel destinations, the outdoor atmospheres, sights and gardens are the best attractions.

Gloucestershire is no exception and is home to some of the most impressive, beautiful gardens in the UK.

BBC notes the Batsford Arboretum, Bourton House Gardens, and a few others to keep on your list.

Check Out The Gloucester Docks

The Gloucester Docks are like something out of a history book.

Preserved Victorian architecture and sights abound, and the harbor itself is busy with activity as leisure cruises drift by and workers repair and restore classic ships.

It’s also the most inland official port of the UK.

Tour The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds, for those who aren’t familiar, are essentially a range of hills stretching across part of the Gloucestershire region that are known as an area of stunning natural beauty.

Truthfully, the best way to enjoy this region is simply to find an area within it to walk through for a leisurely afternoon.

However, there are also specific attractions – parks, gardens, wildlife areas – to enjoy.

Attend The Cheltenham Races

The Cheltenham Festival is an annual horse racing event in mid-March that draws some of the most enthusiastic fans and skilled horses and trainers from around the UK.

It can be a bit of an adjustment (though a fun one) for travelers with limited knowledge of horse racing, but the Betfair sports exchange can keep you updated and prepared for the visit.

They list competitors, favorites, and the latest news for what’s ultimately a very fun event.

Watch Gloucester Rugby

For another interesting sporting event in the area, consider a rugby match.

The Gloucester Rugby club is one of the most unique in the UK.

They play matches at Kingsholm Stadium where you can enjoy one of the most enthusiastic and loyal fan bases in the country.

A match at Kingsholm is one of the most authentic cultural activities you can witness in Gloucestershire.

There are many other attractions, sights, and activities that can be enjoyed in Gloucestershire, from museums, to historic sites, to famous pubs.

But these specific attractions can help to give you a true feeling for the area on your next visit.

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