What to Do and What to See in Grampians

If you want to relax among the incredible mountain ranges, you must plan a visit to the Grampians National Park.

Grampians panorama

If you want to relax among the incredible mountain ranges, see a blanket full of wild flowers, amazing waterfalls, lakes and trails, you must plan a visit to the Grampians National Park. The Grampians is home to five stunning sandstone ridges that stand up high over the plains in Western Victoria.

The ridges create an exhilarating panoramic view of landscaping beauty. It’s the dream place for a photographer, a wine lover’s home, a hiker’s favorite place and a rock climber’s delight.

What’s so beautiful about the Grampians is that they offer something unique for everyone. You can forget the office work you left behind and the list of to-do’s at home. Nature abounds here in the Grampians. It encompasses you with the feeling that nature is a powerful force, and it puts you in such a sensational place in your mind. You will be spoiled by the sights and many things to do in the Grampians.

Did you know you can experience sleeping in a sheep shearer’s quarters in the Grampians? Or how about using your sleeping bags and camping out in the wilderness while drinking hot chocolate under the stars? There are also luxury lodges that come complete with your hearty breakfast. Or you can be right in the wilderness in your own holiday cottage or cabin with a crackling fire.

There’s plenty to do outside in the Grampians. Walking is the way to go in the Grampians. You can discover the rushing waterfalls, an eagle’s hideaway nest and vistas all over the place. Hiking on Mount Difficult and Mount Abrupt are a must when you visit the Grampians. If you happen to be a water lover, fishing along one of the gorgeous lakes, or taking a canoe out into the waters as the mountains peer over your shoulder is well worth the treat. Do you enjoy rock climbing?

The Grampians is a rock climber’s dream come true. They offer more climbing locations than any other location in Australia. Routes begin at the rookie level and go all the way to the pro level.

The terrain in the Grampians makes it the perfect place for bird spotting as well as wildlife because it has long been a natural habitat. Some of the world’s most lovely creatures pop out to surprise you. The amazing bandicoots, emus, kookaburras, kangaroos, koalas and the wedge-tailed eagle are to be seen any time of day around the Grampians. There are plenty of wildlife tours offered daily with offer emphasis on conservation, making it an amazing tour. Keep your camera loaded and ready!

The Grampians is also known for producing some of the best wines, specifically Shiraz. Visiting the Great Grape Road is a nice scenic circuit that takes you through all three regions of the vineyard district. You can stop at any of the wineries and have a tasting of some of the best grape grown in Australia.

Most winemakers have an open door policy, enjoying the opportunity they have to share their products and knowledge.
Visiting the Grampians can be one of the most exhilarating trips you will ever make in your lifetime. Enjoy the Grampians!

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