Greece by Sailing

The Aegean as you have never seen. The summer will narrate the Dodecanese and the Cyclades.

Greece by Sailing

Sailing Greece and crossing the Aegean has never been so easy thanks to skipper Jacopo and Plenis Velis, a Bavaria 46 Cruise able to host up to eight people, who will have the chance to visit the amazing islands of the Dodecanese and the Cyclades.

These are the destinations of the ideal holiday on board a wonderful sailboat that can show you around the beauties of the deep, yet clear sea, the beaches along the indented, uneven coastline of the Dodecanese islands, more visited than the Cyclades, which we will quickly visit along the way.

Temperatures, always mild and pleasant during the summer period, are accompanied by the Aegean wind, the Meltemi, resulting from the union of the northern and southern current.

This gives the holiday a pleasant feeling, ideal for groups of friends or, why not, for a little impromptu honeymoon holiday.

Provided with three double bedrooms and a single bedroom, Plenis Velis can host up to 8 passengers with an alternative arrangement of the rooms, and is fully equipped: two bathrooms, kitchen, a shared area, an indoor and outdoor dining room.

Moreover, the sailboat is ideal for those who love silence and the beauties of the sea.

Through the eco-friendly Plenis Velis, you will mostly admire the views of the Dodecanese islands and enjoy further comforts, such as MP3 and USB adapters to listen to your favourite music.

Departures are scheduled in different days during the months of June, July, August and September, usually each Saturday; during the journey, our guests can admire from the very beginning the Aegean waves and the glorious sunsets of an immortal civilization, that of Ancient Greeks.

These are the same panoramas that several civilizations have admired throughout the centuries – including Italians during the last occupations.

Historically known for its beautiful waters, the Aegean is essentially divided into various groups of islands:

With Plenis Velis you will therefore enjoy sailing Greece in its southern area, just a few miles away from the Turkish coasts of Ege Denizi – this is how the Aegean is called in Turkish.

At the moment of the booking it is possible to receive information on how to reach the sailing port; if necessary there are special charters which can transport our guests until the point of the departure.

As an alternative, you can take a ferry boat from Italy to Patras, from there you can take a bus and then again another ferry to reach the island.

Another interesting possibility is to fly to Greece thanks to the many offers.

Thanks to low-cost companies, such as Ryanair, it is possible to buy cheap tickets from the most important airports, thus easily reaching Kos, departure point together with Paros.

Among the options provided by our skipper Jacopo and Greece by sailing there are two special options of journey: the holiday for the singles and the package for those who enjoy relax and wellbeing.

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