What to Do and What to See in Havana

Havana has the magic ability to make you feel like the time has stopped all of a sudden and to make you feel dizzy.

Havana panorama

Being one of the most electrifying places in the world, Cuba is the country that never sleeps, everlastingly having fun under the scorching sunbeams and the joyful rhythms of Latin dances. Each self-respecting Cuban has to be able to dance, and watching how men are spinning the women around in a frantic dance is really a delightful pleasure.

Havana is the capital, the biggest port and the leading trade center in Cuba. Being separated into two parts, the new and the old town, Havana has many faces to reveal in front of you, and you will soon be helpless to realize that you already fell in love with it.

The Old Havana is the true heart of the city and the richest colony of  Latin America; it used to be the harbour where the loaded with treasuries Spanish galleons rested on their way to the new world, namely, America. The narrow streets of the Old Havana are heaped with buildings, containing approximately a third of all the buildings in the city, and it is figuring in the lists of the UNESCO cultural heritage.

Havana is glamorous, it has the magic ability to make you feel like the time has stopped all of a sudden and, at the same time, to make you feel dizzy by the bumping rhythm of merengue, rumba, son and salsa. The number of the places where the tourists can enjoy their precious time under the energetic sounds of the Latin music until the break of dawn are simply countless; Casa de la Musica being the most eminent one, though. Especially in weekends the place turns into dancing feast and its big stage where local bands are performing is probably the most enthusiastic place to improve your salsa skills. The rhythm of salsa has soaked through the whole city as if Havana is vibrating with its pulsations.

Other label that characterizes the artistic atmosphere of Havana is the prestigious Ballet Tropicana, which received its name after the initial song that opened the show for the first time decades ago, literally meaning ‘tree of the palm family’.

Tropicana is a cabaret serving unique spectacles on its drenched in light podiums; it’s a fulfilled promise that you will also drench in the magic of dancing and music. You need to keep in mind that in order to attend the best tourist attractions in the capital, you need to make preliminary reservations for each of them; happily, every hotel offers a Cuba Tour at the reception for your convenience.

One of the ways to explore the various charms of Havana is to let its local cuisine impress you with fresh seafood delicacies. Congri (or the so called morroz y christianos) is a challenging combination of beans and rice.

El Patio, situated in the Cathedral Square, has a must-try international cuisine, high class services and cold reviving cocktails. Then, take a cab for a short tour across the city; and not just a cab but one of the old American vehicles or the Coco supplied with natural air-conditioning. With them the streets resemble auto parade of old cars.

La Bodeguita del Medio is a special spot for special gatherings tempting you with cigars,  cocktails and local dishes. It used to be one of the favourite places where Hemingway enjoyed the taste of rum pretty frequently there. Dip into the peaceful and predisposing atmosphere while you imagine the content smile of the great author. Wherever you choose to dine or to refresh yourself from the hot weather, you will be welcomed and served in the most friendly manner.

There is no crime registered in Havana. Every guest should know that he/she will use convertible pesos (cuc) while the local people use regular Cuban peso.
Havana is flickering with vivid colours and romance; it seems like the most natural background for a place of this rank. Havana has turned into a synonym of passion, salsa,  love and dizzy heat.

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