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Holidays in France

France is one of the richest holiday destinations in Europe.


France is one of the richest holiday destinations in Europe. The favourable climate and diverse landscape ranging from the scenic Alps to the breathtaking coastal plains ensures guests have a fulfilling trip.

Visit unlimited destinations residing in self catering resorts, or holiday clubs and enjoy convenient movement with car rentals.

Experience the extreme adventure of the cultural and historical heritage as you visit local museums. You will love the outdoor activities, including hiking, sports and kids’ clubs.

What about a family encounter? Make your next holiday count as you encounter ultimate adventure.

The Hub of Holiday Destinations in France


Visit the globally acclaimed Disneyland Paris for ultimate fun. The Louvre museum is a world-class centre for research featuring the Roman, Greek, Egyptian and Etruscan antiques.

You cannot overlook the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees, among other conspicuous monuments.

Notre Dame Cathedral is an epitome of the French Gothic architecture. Enjoy a cruise on the seine as you behold the beauty of Paris.

The iconic Chateau de Versailles stood out as a symbol of French military prestige in the 18th century.

The panoramic view of Luxembourg Park is impressive in the Latin Quarter, which is famous for hosting many universities.


If you are a fan of medieval art, Marseille is the place to visit. Explore fine arts, archaeology, culture and history in 20+ museums. As the leading Mediterranean port, Marseille presents the charm of ancient architecture and old harbour.


Featuring the picturesque Old Town, Nice is a must-visit city on the Mediterranean coast. Enjoy the chic of the holiday villas and a cliff walk to view Colline du Chateau.


Enthusiasts of the medieval architecture cherish the fascinating panorama of this city. Lyon is famous as the birthplace of cinema. You will also admire the rich culinary heritage and art.


This city along the banks of the Rhone is a wine-tasting destination. Avignon is also a renowned UNESCO World Heritage.


Choose an array of destinations in France for a fun-filled holiday. Book a holiday village France for modern accommodation.

France has a diverse climate where the northern part experiences cool temperatures where it can get snowy especially in the winter, while in the south it is generally warm most of the year.

Because of this aspect in its climate, there is a wealth of holiday destinations to choose from depending on your favoured activity.

For instance, you can opt to ski in the north of France or sunbathe and surf in the warm beaches in the south of France (Riviera).

As the seasons change the preferred activities also change in these regions.

For instance, when its summer in the north the warm temperatures affect the snow cover and some ski resorts become ideal camping locations.

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