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Hotel Miralago in Cernobbio

In Cernobbio there is a very nice Hotel with restaurant and a stunning Lake View.

Cernobbio is a short walk from Como at the foot of Mount Bisbino, m. 1328, has always been a very famous and popular tourist center.

Since the early decades of this century Cernobbio was one of the favorite holiday destinations for wealthy families of Como and Milan, it is shown by the large number of villas and gardens spread throughout the territory.

Today Cernobbio has adapted to the demands of mass tourism by creating an efficient accommodation organization, protecting the green, giving visitors a beautiful lakefront adorned with pretty fountain.

Cernobbio is the starting point for the Via dei Monti Larijani, a fascinating walk along paths between 600 m xenical orlistat. and 1200 m. altitude.

From the village you can reach the mountain Bisbino 1325 m., on top of which stands a sanctuary of 1500. After Rovenna, at 600m high, is located the Fox Hole (Buco della Volpe), a cave with underground water connections.

We report the famous Villa Erba Today a prestigious multipurpose center that hosts events, was built in 1898, the existing Villa Nuova, the area stood a medieval monastery.

Among the churches is worth a visit the parish church dedicated to St. Vincent Primitiva, squeezed between the picturesque alleys of the oldest neighborhood of the village.


In Cernobbio there is a very nice Hotel with restaurant and a stunning Lake View.

A  Lake Como Luxury Hotel: the Hotel Miralago.

It is a 4-star Hotel located few steps from Villa Erba and at only 4 kms from Como.

There are 40 rooms, all with bathrooms, tv, minibar and air conditioned.

Not only rooms, the Hotel Miralago offer to its customers a very nice, tasty and creative cuisine in its restaurant. The restaurant is Lake view, for a pleasant dinner, romantic or with family and friends.

To complete the services of the Hotel, there is a bar where you can have an aperitif returing from your daily excursions on Como Lake.

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