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What specifically You should visit during Your stay in Krakow? Let professional Krakow guide give You a piece of advice.

One of the oldest cities in Central Europe with hundreds of monuments and fascinating places – it is truly worth seeing!

What specifically You should visit during Your stay in Krakow?

Let professional Krakow guide give You a piece of advice. Explore the city full of wonders and surprises.

Krakow Guide – how to start discovering Krakow?

Visit Krakow

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Foreign visitors usually come to Krakow by plane.

The good news is that the city has a modern airport, well communicated with the centre.  Transfer by train takes approx. 20 minutes and finishes on the Main Station next to the Old Town.

It is also very cheap (8 PLN or less than 2 euros!).

It is good to book the accommodation in the very centre of the city much earlier (Krakow is visited by millions of tourists every year). Hotel or hostel in the Old Town or nearby Kazimierz district will let You enjoy unique atmosphere of historical buildings, narrow streets and dozens of charming cafes, restaurants and pubs.

At the beginning just go for a walk and breathe this amazing atmosphere.

Street artists, florists, beauty of architecture – this image of Krakow will remain in your memory for a long time.

Of course, You should also have at least a sketchy plan of sightseeing!

So let’s go to our next section.

What You cannot miss in Krakow?

Visit Krakow

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It is not easy to choose only the most important objects in the city of a 1000-year history full of dozens of world class monuments.

Being in Krakow for the first time, see all wonders of the Old Town and Kazimierz. Did You know that Krakow Main Market Square is one of the greatest medieval squares in Europe (size: 200 x 200 m!)?

In the centre of the market You can see beautiful Renaissance Cloth Hall with a wonderful art gallery and an entrance to a fantastic historical museum located under the surface of the square!

There is also a monumental Gothic St. Mary’s Basilica with a magnificent interior.

In its chancel You can admire a monument of exceptional class – Altar by Veit Stoss of Nuremberg, one of the greatest and most astonishing Gothic retables on the European continent.

Streets of the Old Town has its own unique charm.

The most beautiful are probably St. Florian’s (Florianska) and Grodzka Streets. There is a 14th-century gate and some amazing relics of medieval city walls at the end of the first one.

The second one is famous of two beautiful churches – Romanesque temple of St. Andrew and Early Baroque church of Saints Peter and Paul.

You should also see University Quarter (with XVth-century Collegium Maius and beautiful Baroque collegiate of St. Anne).

In our Krakow guide we could not miss a very special place – Wawel Hill which is the former seat of Polish kings!

There is a beautiful medieval Cathedral with royal necropolis (the tombs are true masterpieces) and the Royal Castle with picturesque Renaissance courtyard.

According to the legend, in the early Middle Ages a terrible dragon lived in a cave under the hill and terrorized the local population.

The legendary Dragon’s Den exists and is available to the public.

Another amazing Krakow attraction is Kazimierz district with its Jewish Quarter.

There are seven synagogues built from 15th to 19th century and a cemetery founded in the 16th century!

If you are planning a longer stay in Krakow, visit also the nearby town of Wieliczka. There is a salt mine founded in the Middle Ages.

Underground corridors, lakes and chapels all made of salt, does it not sound magical?

All objects we have mentioned are on UNESCO World Heritage List! Much more about Krakow monuments and offer of Krakow sightseeing with a guide You will find on: Krakow Guide look here. Speaking about that.

Sightseeing with a Krakow guide

The inhabitants of Krakow love to show their city.

Visiting in the company of a true enthusiast who knows the history and secrets of Krakow is a unique experience!

Krakow guide can also help you with planning your route and organizing your stay in the city.

Using of guiding service is considered as very convenient and affordable solution.

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