What to Do and What to See in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a perfect place to visit also thanks to the year-round mild climate.


Lanzarote (part of the Canary Islands) is a perfect place to visit in September also thanks to the year-round mild climate, which in September is accompanied by slight, delightful breezes making your stay, a pleasant one.

The sound of palm trees swept by the wind intertwine with the sound of nearby ocean waves crashing onto the sand, where you’ll also find many, local island restaurants cooking their fresh, daily catch of fish. Lanzarote is also a great place for those who decide to leave for so called ”last minute trips”.

Finding accommodations in Lanzarote is quite simple, the island is literally overflowing with hotels, B&Bs and so forth.

The Canary Islands are the seven specks of Spain that can be found just off the coast of North West Africa, close to the Tropic of Cancer.  Despite the fact that they are hundreds of miles south of the European mainland they remain part of the EU and are a red hot favorite with tourists from sun starved countries such as the UK and Eire.

Accounting for around 10 million tourists per year.

Despite this high volume of visitors some of the islands, such as Lanzarote, remain largely unspoiled.

Here for example you’ll find no high rise buildings or ad billboards – as these were all outlawed during the 1970’s – so ensuring that the islands original identity has been preserved largely intact.

This is especially true of the north of Lanzarote, which is devoid of holiday resorts and which retains an agricultural feel.

In part this can also be attributed to the influence of a local artist called Cesar Manrique, who battled against over development on Lanzarote during the 1970’s – and somehow won!

So anyone visiting the island will certainly find it far removed from the sort of  heavily built up destinations prevalent elsewhere in Spain.

Lanzarote also boasts a great deal of raw, natural beauty, formed over many centuries by volcanic activity, which has left about one quarter of the island buried beneath of sea of lava.

This region was in fact declared a National Park in the 1970’s and boasts the most amazing and surreal scenery which has been likened in the past to the surface of the moon.

This is the number one visitor attraction on Lanzarote and welcomes well over one million visitors per year.

Other natural wonders include the Valley of 1000 Palms, which is located in the north of the island.

This verdant valley provides the ideal antidote to the aridity of the rest of Lanzarote – and has been created by locals following a quaint local custom of planting one palm tree for every new born girl and two for a boy,  creating a huge swaying oasis of Canarian palms.

The Lanzarote island has a variety of beaches, suiting everyone’s needs.

Those who love summer sports like surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing cannot help to come to the mile-long, golden sandy beaches and those who seek relaxation can visit the small, hidden beaches. Lanzarote also offers beaches with volcanic sand, which is great for the skin.

The uncontaminated nature is the true protagonist of the island.

The sleeping volcano at the center of the island can be visited in all tranquility, it will surely be a unforgettable experience.

A statue of a small devil greets you at the entrance of the Timanfaya park, an infinite piece of land with volcanic remains and craters to be seen from left to right.

Then why not have lunch in a restaurant, inspired by artist Cesar Manrique, where your plates will be cooked with the emerging heat from the volcano.

You can also walk down the lava path, straight into the many caves it dug during the eruption, like the famous Cueva de los Verdes which then leads straight to the beach.

The artist Cesar Manrique has left an influence throughout the entire island.

Many of his works have been positioned in the town center and his once personal home, has now become a museum open for all. The house of Cesar Manrique, demonstrates how the island was also a big influence in his paintings and works.

Manrique also decided on building numerous restaurants and bars such as the one which looks over the entire island and the restaurant located in a castle near the contemporary art museum in Arrecife.

He also dedicated his time to many naturalistic paths, organizing parks and open spaces like the Jardin de Cactus, where different types of Cactuses can be seen.

Lanzarote is an ideal place for both ocean and nature lovers, and also great for those fond of art, a great place to turn your September vacations into unforgettable moments.

Lanzarote will remain in your hearts forever, and will bring you back there sooner or later!

Lanzarote is definitely the most beautiful of the Canary Islands where you can explore the unspoilt countryside but also enjoy great restaurants and good nightlife.

Lanzarote is  also dotted with beaches of various kinds, both beautiful golden sandy beaches and volcanic black beaches,  little beaches mounted into the cliffs and small beaches made of little stones.

At first, we must underline that there is any “better time” to visit Lanzarote.

Lanzarote, and more generally all the Canary Islands, boasts a spring-like climate all year long.

The bag that you take to go to Lanzarote so has not to be weighty.

In fact, you don’t need a lot of things to enjoy in this city, however  you need to pay a little attention to possible sudden changes in temperature and the burning sun of this area.

For your holiday to Lanzarote should not be missed of course the clothing and accessories for the beach.

You should always have with you the bikini and a beach cover-ups.

As for the costume is always preferable to choose a costume in which you feel very comfortable, especially for women, because due to the strong winds that blow across the island the sea is often rough and full of big waves and swimsuits not smart and adherent to the body can actually give you some logistic problems.

As for the cover-ups, where men can opt for a simple t-shirt to put on swimming trunks and women should instead opt for a real dress so you can go directly home with it and just to not having to care about clothing for the rest of the day.

It is recommended  to hold the flip-flops or sandals, but possibly made of plastic plastic.

In the sea bag of course has to contain the towel and a sunscreen, preferably with a high protection if your skin is very light or medium protection if you are already a brown.

Only in this way you can be sure to stay always protected and not to suffer of any kind of burn, which is common in a place like this where the sun is very strong. Just for the same reason you should also always wear a hat.

Although Lanzarote is a very hot land, as we have already had occasion to say, a strong winds blow.

Towards the afternoon the winds can be quite cold, so it is always better to have a sweater.

You do not need to wear a heavy sweater, a sweatshirt is more than enough even with light cotton cap, in order to be prepared for any  sudden temperature changes.

For the excursions is not necessary to have a dress, a pair of shorts and a T-shirt or a top are therefore more than sufficient.

But remember that it is always better to have a pair of closed shoes, a pair of sneakers or boots for example.

The closed-toe shoes are required to visit the volcano Timanfaya, and other types of locations with the volcanic soil. Only with closed-toe shoes you can be sure not to hurt you even if you accidentally stumble.

The evenings in Lanzarote are pretty hot and it is therefore the need to bring warm clothing. Obviously, however, pack a sweater and a pair of cotton jeans are a must.

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