What to Do and What to See in Lima

Peru is one of the most beautiful and fascinating Countries of Latin America and its capital, Lima, fully reflects this charm.


Peru is one of the most beautiful and fascinating Countries of Latin America and its capital, Lima, fully reflects this charm.

Let see then, what to see and do in the city:

Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas, Lima

Let’s start with the most important and popular square of Lima, where in addition to the Government Palace and the Town Hall, there are also the most important places of worship in the city.

Plaza de Armas is one of the places where the local habitats reunite, and that blend in with the many tourists, that are attracted in particular by the Cathedral.

The Cathedral of Lima

Cathedral, Lima

This beautiful building was built in the first half of the 1500’s, only to be completed with in the next 300 years.

The cathedral is really impressive, imposing and majestic, dominating the Plaza de Armas and fascinates tourists with its’ two bell towers.

Not only is the exterior a unique charm, especially at sunset, but the interiors are well known, for their many interesting paintings, sculptures and the remains of the founder of the city: Francisco Pizarro.

Museo Larco

Museo Larco, Lima

The city of Lima is home to several important museums. They all deserve a visit, but we want to emphasize on the Museo Larco.

This is probably one of the most important archaeological museums in the world.

Particularly what dominates the museum inside, is the pre-Columbian art, that can be “followed” for 4000 years.

Jewelry, gems, precious artifacts and sculptures are just some of the beauties that can be found in this museum. A must see!


Parque Las Leyendas, Lima

There are two parks in Lima that we like to point out: Parque Las Leyendas and Parque del Amor.

Both parks are very different: the first park is a place you can immerse yourself in the greenery, and also where you find souvenirs and objects from the best local craftsmen.

The markets, in fact, offer many and special hand-crafted works.

The Parco del Amor,( The Park of Love) however, is ideal for relaxing in good company (well, the name speakd for its’ self), and overlooks the ocean, with waves that help create an even more fascinating atmosphere.

Eating in Lima


In South America, we know, the meat is a delicacy and is eaten a little everywhere.

In Lima the most famous speciality is the goat stew but we prefer the Papa Rellena, a type of fried and stuffed potato that is very special!

You can also opt for the fish: here the cerviche is very famous. It is a blend of fish and shellfish, marinated in lime, onion and chili.

Obviously Peru also offers much more, just think of the Ande, that offers wonderful breath taking views.

However, the city of Lima has much more to offer to its’ visitors, that perhaps from one excursion to another one can discover other fascinating secrets.

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