Travels Guide Oceania

The new continent, Oceania, including Australia, New Zealand, Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia. What these places have really interesting for travelers, is that they often offer a flora and fauna completely different from any other place in the world. Just think of the nation’s representative, Australia, offering animals that can be seen only in these parts, such as kangaroos, koalas or wombats. The places mentioned have a strong attraction to tourists, also for the beaches and the sea, sometimes totally unspoiled compared to other places in the world.

National Parks in Australia

Royal National Park, Sydney

There are more than 500 national parks in Australia covering more than 28 million hectares of designated land.

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What to Do and What to See in Grampians

Grampians panorama

If you want to relax among the incredible mountain ranges, you must plan a visit to the Grampians National Park.

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What to Do and What to See in Cairns


Cairns is a very popular travel destination particularly for foreign tourists due to its tropical climate.

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What to Do and What to See in Phillip Island

Phillip Island Penguins

If it is wildlife that fuels your passion, then there is one destination in Australia you should definitely go to and that is Phillip Island.

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What to Do and What to See in Auckland

Auckland Tower

Auckland is a city able to conquer the tourists, thanks to the scenario in which it is located, surrounded by spectacular vegetation and touched by the Pacific.

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