Travels Guide Scotland

Scotland is located in the far north of the UK. The capital, Edinburgh, whose historic center has been included among the places UNESCO World Heritage Site, is definitely the place to be, as well as the city of Glasgow. E ‘moving in more remote areas, however, that there are fabulous places, like the many islands, including those in the north stand, Shetland and Orkney. Do not miss Loch Ness, home of the infamous monster and, near Inverness, capital of the highlands.

What to Do and What to See in Oban

Oban panorama

The once sleepy town of Oban is a fascinating place to visit. Indeed, it is a beauty, featuring unique topography, curious history, and interesting social scene.

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What to Do and What to See in Glasgow

Glasgow panorama

Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland. Find out more about one the most beautiful city in UK in terms of nightlife and attractions.

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What to Do and What to See in Edimburgh

Located on the south coast of the Firth of Forth, Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe.

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What to Do and What to See in Hebrides Islands

Dun Carloway, Hebrides islands

The most beloved archipelago of Scotland gathers these small pieces of heaven in a shamanistic world, pushing you even more to come visit them.

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What to Do and What to See in the Shetland Islands

Mousa Broch Tower, Shetland Island

A natural paradise halfway between Scotland and Norway, today, only 12 Islands are inhabited and the largest is Mainland, where you'll also find the capital, Lerwich.

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