Travels Guide Sorrento Coast

Guide Sorrento


Relying on a travel agency for a dream experience. With the help of Guide Sorrento you can first choose the ideal means of transportation for your vacation.

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Summer in Sorrento

Panorama Sorrento Coast

Museums, historic buildings, shops and workshops crown these natural wonders offering almost infinite possibilities for your relaxing holiday.

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Bed and Breakfast Villa Pollio in Sorrento

Villa Pollio, Sorrento

Located in Meta di Sorrento, not far from the Center of Sorrento, the Bed & Breakfast Villa Pollio is the perfect place to spend a dream holiday.

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What to Do and What to See in Sorrento

Panorama Sorrento

Inspiriting Muse for many famous artists who have sung their praises, Sorrento is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in Italy.

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Relais Villa Savarese in Sorrento

Relais Villa Savarese

Villa Savarese is a residence home built in the late nineteenth century: its extended spaces tell the story of an elegant life, lived in total discretion by those who passed by, between liberty architecture and furnishings in the purest Italian classical style.

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