What to Do and What to See in Malta

Malta has always been overflowed with a large number of tourists, attracted by the beautiful sea and the sunny beaches and unspoiled natural landscapes.


The island of Malta, located south of Sicily, is certainly one of the most welcoming places to visit in the Summer time.

Surrounded by the Mediterranean, Malta has always been overflowed with a large number of tourists, attracted by the beautiful sea and the sunny beaches, unspoiled natural landscapes and sometimes by the presence of numerous and diverse cultural influences: from the Phoenicians to the Romans, Carthaginians, and Byzantines.

The history of Malta, however, is the oldest and dates back to 7000 years ago, it is easy to find temples, megaliths and dolmens dating bac to the bronze age. The temples of Malta and the adjacent island of Gozo are among the most renowned, as well as the underground Hypogeum, a labyrinth used as a burial place and as a place of worship.

Situated just beyond the tip of Italy, Malta isn’t always the first destination that comes to mind when the subject of a European vacation comes up. But this island nation has an extensive history going back thousands of years, and situated in the heart of the Mediterranean it also has an ideal climate for anyone wanting to while away their vacation days on the beach.

If you’re considering a trip to Malta, you should review the various sites and experiences the country has to offer, as well as what travelers to the country need to consider before setting out on their vacation. With that in mind, here’s a quick and easy guide to the best Malta has to offer.

San Giuliano Coast, Malta

There are many museums and churches across the island, particularly in the capital Valletta, also the nightlife and moments dedicated to having fun and are many. Several music festivals, concerts and numerous local and famous discos are present on the island, especially in the area of Paceville along the coast of San Giuliano.

One of the top reasons to check out Malta is to visit the various temples and ruins well-preserved on the island. Unlike some historical sites in Europe, Malta’s temples and ruins were largely saved from the damage of various wars over the centuries. Today, visitors can check out the massive Ggantija Temples, Hagar Qim and Mnajdra, all of which have stood the test of time. The Grandmaster’s Palace is also another great historical site since it has served as the country’s seat of power since the 1500s.

Malta also had relevance in World War II as an outpost for various military operations. Today, tourists can visit the Mgarr Second World War Shelter, which is one of the largest in the world. And don’t forget to check out Fort Rinella, which was built in the late 1800s and houses what was, at the time of its construction, the largest gun in the world.

Malta is undoubtedly one of the most attractive places for tourists. In fact most of the population speaks the Italian language, often signs are also in English, as well as in Maltese, the island is not to be missed: beaches, sea and fresh air to enjoy fantastic moments of relaxation, there are numerous places to satisfy your thirst for art and culture and, last but not least, many opportunities to indulge in moments of celebration and fun.

Fortunately for travelers, Malta has a great medical system that’s accommodating to travelers, in fact it ranks much higher than the health care system in the United States. If you’re staying for an extended period of time, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your American prescriptions filled by local pharmacists. But to make sure you’re covered in a variety of health and safety scenarios, it’s smart to purchase an international medical insurance policy to cover you throughout your travels. Many American insurance policies don’t cover international travel, so supplementary plans are essential.

For any history buff, Malta is going to be one of the more impressive destinations even if you’re hitting several locations on your European vacation. And despite its modest size, Malta has done an excellent job of maintaining these historical sites as well as the peaceful environs that have long attracted visitors to this small nation. If you like going off the beaten path, Malta is a great opportunity to see a side of European culture and history that all too often gets bypassed in favor of mainland attractions. You won’t regret your decision to visit.

Malta is a magical Island country that spreads across seven islands located South of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. Her rich history extends beyond 7000 years, her intricate architectural designs will inspire you, but the contrasts of the past and the present will mesmerize you even more. It is amazing that such a small island could have so much to offer.


Make your holiday interesting as you explore the magic of Malta’s capital. Witness the mighty fortifications as you make your way to the highest vantage point in the Barrakka Gardens to view the magnificent Grand harbor and the historic cities of Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua.

Stroll to the St John’s Cathedral and experience Caravaggio’s masterpiece of: The Beheading of St John. If you wish you can join in with the faithful in their age-old worship routine.

Do not ignore a visit to the National Museum of Archeology and view a wide array of artifacts dating back to Malta’s Neolithic period. You will also appreciate technology and its gadgets once you glimpse at the ancient tools used during the past.

In Guardia you will experience a deafening cannon ball firing by Military Pageants in 16th century uniforms. You can also take great pictures of this historical building, taking back a piece of ancient history with you.

The Casa Rocca Piccola is also a magnificent historical building that will not only entertain your curious mind but also give an insight to the lavish, elegant lifestyle of the aristocracy of the Maltese. This building was the family home of Marquis De Piro; and some parts are open to the public.

The Mediterranean Marine Park

If you have never been close to marine creatures except when they are on your plate, then experience firsthand magic of interacting with the worlds friendliest animals: the Dolphins. Get reliable interpretation of the dolphin language from the park keepers and soon you will be gliding your hands on the soft skin of the dolphins body, share a flipper shake and receive a kiss from your new found gentle friend.

Try a dip in the Mediterranean waters with your new friend and enjoy interacting with dolphins under water. Discover just how delightful and magical this adventure could turn out to be. Remember to take photographs of this memorable experience.

The Blue Grotto Boat Trip

Malta is renowned for colorful boats; a boat trip along the panoramic caves on the rocky coastline is worth a trial. Witness the impressive rock structures curved from rock by the sea water activity over the years at Wied iz Zurrieq. Discover the rich culture of these vibrant communities and explore the markets at a more closer and relaxed angle. Have a real feel of the daily activities of a typical fishing village in the Mediterranean.  Take beautiful pictures of the famed colorful boats assembled on the beautiful shores.

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