What to Do and What to See in Tenerife

If you're on a lads tour to Tenerife, check out some of the top things to do on the island.

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Tenerife, the “Island of Eternal Spring” is located just around 100 miles from the coastline of Sahara, West Africa. It is one of the largest islands of the Canary Islands and plays host to over 10 million tourists every year. It is a land that brings nature to man and exhibits this in the most dramatic fashion. There is a plethora of sites, activities and cavalry like celebrations that you and your family can attend and have the time of your life. Life in the outer world is momentarily forgotten once you arrive at Los Rodeos Airport.

Tenerife has a rich history that stretches all the way back to the years BC. There is rich recorded history, both captivating, sad and full of emotions, but looking at the land as it is today, it has every indication of being here since the start of eons. The island itself was formed as a result of volcanic reactions which forced lava to rise above the ocean and join some three small islands into one huge Tenerife. the island is so diverse in so many aspects that while a person is enjoying a sun tan on the southern Playa des la Americas, Puerto de la Cruz beach among others, there will be a person freezing because of snow just a couple of miles northwards. This happens especially during winter.

There are a lot of places to enjoy for a family to get maximum fun in Tenerife but most of these locations are in the southern part of the island. Although it has hundreds of kilometres of coastline, the only part that people can enjoy the beach is around 100 kilometres. The beaches on this island are another nature’s fete that every visitor goes home remembering and happy about. There are black pebbled beaches, gray sand beaches and white sandy beaches, all of which not only give a perfect view and entrance into the ocean, but give the tourist a chance to swim, surf and have a whole lot of beach activities.

The further a tourist moves away from the south where every other tourist is headed to, the less the number of tourists one encounters. For those who love nature walking and seeing the different type of fauna and flora that Tenerife exhibits, take a tour to the fields of Anaga or the Pyramids of Guimar. Tenerife is the home to the highest point in Spain and those who love challenges, cycling and other sports are presented with a good chance here. The cliffy coastline can also be a breathtaking adventure for a family and when planning for a vacation to this ever elegant land all these factors should be considered.

Shopping for gifts and such things can be done in the busy Santa Cruz and other parts of the Island. But the one thing that one shouldn’t go back home without experiencing is the exotic, detour tasty cuisine. Sampling of mojos, gofios, and local wines gives one the idea of just what diversity means. It is a destination that is worth a try.

Tenerife holidays offer fantastic sporting opportunities, perfect for the man who loves a challenge. Whether you’re heading out on a stag do, or just a group outing away with the boys, Tenerife promises to provide an adrenaline-filled break in the sun for everyone. There’s plenty to choose from with the best on land and water based activities summarised below you’ll not be short of things to try out.

Water Sports

Inland sports

Entertainment in Tenerife

If you’d rather chill out for a day or two on your holiday in Tenerife, the island boasts a number of golden and black beaches, perfect for topping up the tan and mingling with other holidaymakers. The Tenerife nightlife is spectacular; in particular head to Playa de las Americas, which boasts a 24-hour party scene and a huge number of bars and clubs to hit after the sun goes down. The best way to cure a hangover in Tenerife is to take a boat trip out to sea, especially on the calmer waters on the south coast. Then you can let the wind and water do the work, while you relax in the sun and enjoy the views over the mountains and bays of the Canary Islands!

Written by the easyJet holidays travel writers team.

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