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What to Do and What to See in Marseille

Marseille is a vivid, passionate and full of warmth city. There is the historical tradition of art, cuisine and a multi-ethnic reality.

Marsiglia harbour

The city of Marseille is known as the Naples of France. The reasons for this approach are different, but all quite valid. The city, in fact, is very effusive and it shows an independent spirit, and the streets slang is the dialect, a real local language, just like in  Naples. The fact that the area of the port, among other things, is very beautiful, but not very safe – especially at night – makes the city even closer to Naples.

Visiting Harbor area should be, in spite of everything,  an imperative. In fact, here there are several museums in addition to the Basilica of Notre-Dame, which stands on a small hill and offers the most beautiful panorama of the city. The church which respect byzantine canons is a strong attraction for thousands and thousands of tourists every year. Just next to the harbor is the Vieux-Port, a spectacular view over the port of Marseilles.

Always remaining in this area, the port is the ideal place to find restaurants in order to delight your selves with fresh fish dishes. Tasty treats are just waiting to be tasted, perhaps combining a good French wine!

Of course the city also offers much more, Chateu d’If, a former prison fortress that is, precisely, on the island of If, consisting of a castle with three towers. For those who love shopping you can walk to La Canebière, Marseille’s most famous street, inside the district.

Marseille is a vivid, passionate and full of warmth city. There is the historical tradition of France art, cuisine and a fascinating multi-ethnic reality. Approaching to city prejudices less  is the guarantee to enjoy it as its best.

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