What to Do and What to See in Menton

Menton has a history full of legends. Of interest historical buildings and fantastic gardens. Do not miss the lemon festival.


Among the many charming coastal towns of France I definitely prefer Menton, the pearl of France.
The town is surrounded by mountains and bathed by the crystalline sea simply wonderful, a very sheltered position by the strong winds that often blow in this territory and allowing Menton to have a mild climate throughout the year.
Menton has a history full of legends.
It is said that when Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden stole a golden fruit.
Adam was afraid that this theft would have angered God even more and asked to Eve to throw the fruit.
After long rides Adam and Eve arrived in this beautiful bay that reminded them some of the wonders that they had had a chance to see during their stay in paradise and then threw the fruit right here, what is now commonly known as the Menton Lemon.

Medieval town


Medieval town

Stroll through the streets the medieval town to explore all the signs that the past has left here and go to see up close the only two doors that have resisted the passage of time, the doors of Saint Julien and of Saint Antoine.

Saint Michel Parvis

Saint Michel Parvis

Could not resist to the charm of the Parvis Saint Michel and especially of its many churches.
Here you will have the chance to see mosaics made with small white stones that will leave you completely speechless.
Among the most beautiful churches I remember that of Saint Michel and the Chapel of the Penitents Blancs with its rich decorations facade with garlands and cornices.

Historical buildings

Roccaforte Menton

Among the buildings of great historical value there is the fortress that has been restored by the painter Jean Cocteau during the 50s that now houses a museum in his honor and the Villa Maria Serena, whose garden is a real paradise on earth, rich of palms and cycads.
This is certainly not the only garden that you can visit Menton, its gardens indeed are known worldwide for their lush vegetation, their colors and their perfumes.
Between Menton historic buildings worth a great attention the municipal market designed by Adrien Rey in 1898.
This picturesque location is characterized by the presence of beautiful lacquered ceramic decorations and masks.

The Gardens

Menton Botanical garden

The botanical garden of Val Rahmeh, the Colombières property with its Mediterranean gardens, the Serre de la Madonecon his collection of rare Asian species, the Jardin Fontana Rosa in 20s style, the millennial olive grove Parc du Pian and the Palace gardens Carnolès with its fragrant citrus.
Within Carnolès Palace it is also possible to see a beautiful collection of paintings.

Promenade du soleil

Promenade du soleil Menton

How can we forget the promenade du soleil, the beautiful waterfront of the city?
Here you will have the chance to walk in the sun along the sandy beach located just below the old town, a place where you can spend the long summer days.
To visit also the old port, very impressive.

When visiting Menton?

Menton Cote d'Azur

Any time of year is perfect to visit Menton, but I must admit that February and March are the best months to determine its true charm.
In this period it takes place two beautiful celebrations, the exhibition of orchids and the Menton Lemon Festival.
The lemon festival is unique in the world, a celebration that sees the presence of more than 120 tons of citrus fruits, especially lemons.
More than 250,000 visitors each year arrive in Menton on this occasion.

Menton Lemon Festival

Of course the summer months are really wonderful especially for those who want to make a beach holiday without renouncing to the culture.
In August also take place a chamber music festival very popular and the various gardens of the city become the stage for jazz concerts and dance performances.

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