Where to Eat in Mexico

From Mariachis to Mayan ruins, Mexico is famous for many things including its exotic cuisine.

Mexican food

From Mariachis to Mayan ruins, Mexico is famous for many things including its exotic cuisine. Visiting Mexico is sure to conjure a feeling of ecstasy for your taste buds as you fantasize digging into its famous Chiles. So get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of Mexico by booking your tickets on cheap domestic flights like US Airways or British Airways.

Mexico’s restaurants

Mexico Restaurants

Mexican food is world-famous for its tangy, spicy and aromatic flavors. Tacos, Tortillas, Empanadas, Glorias and more await tourists arriving on flights to Mexico at its various restaurants.

Mexico’s ethnic cuisine

Mexico ethnic cuisine

At the Coyoacan neighborhood, Corazon de Maguey and Cantina da Guadalupana lure you with their appetizing aromas. At the Centro Historico, Café Tacuba and La Casa de las Sirenas offer authentic Mexican fares. Chapultepec Park and Polanos are full of Mexican food joints like Izote, Villa Maria and NAOS. Make your cheap tickets to Mexico worthwhile by sampling the fare at these genuine local eateries which create indelible impressions to carry back home.

Pizzerias and Italian restaurants in Mexico

Mexican pizza

El Diez, Ocho, Don Segundo, Pizzabrosa and La Alcantarilla are the main pizza points in Mexico City. Malibu Pizza, Cumana, and Pizza Amore offer pizzas at down-to-earth rates.

But tourists on a trip to Mexico City must try their hand at the Mexican style pizza topped with beans, beef and taco toppings. El Chapulin and Café Roma at Puerto Vallarta are places where you can get chunks of these authentic Mexican pizzas.

American restaurants in Mexico

McDodald's Mexico

Tourists need not have to worry about saving money by booking cheap tickets to Mexico. Instead they can save from their food expenses by devouring fast food from the numerous American eateries that dot Mexico. KFC, Burger King, McDonald’s, Star bucks Coffee- all these American restaurants have their presence in Mexico. So tourists feel like it is a home away from home.

Oriental cuisine in Mexico

China grill

Chinese food too is immensely popular in Mexico with plenty of restaurants lining up the city. China Grill, Zhen Shanghai, Iuau and Hunan are quite popular here. Mibong and Thai gardens try to tempt you with their Thai delicacies in Mexico City. As for Sushi –rolls and Japanese food, Daikoku, Harumi and Moshi Moshi are the best in Mexico.

European eateries in Mexico

Ensalada de camaron

Mexico has its share of European restaurants to cater to the international tourists. Cluny’s offers French, fondue and European while Mazurka and Special stick to a strictly Polish menu. Kacska offers Scandinavian while La Bonne table offers Mediterranean fare.

Les Moustaches offers a fabulous French feast but for a regular Russian meal, you can step into Kolobok Santa Maria. Matisse is the place for continental cuisine in Mexico.

International eateries in Mexico

Merotoro, Saks, Litoral, Café de Gloria, Bistro 83 and Don Keso are some of the eat-outs offering international fare at Mexico.

Mexico weaves magic with its myriad mouth-watering menus. Make sure you check out on the low fares and deals offered by popular airlines before planning your trip to Mexico. Enjoy dining at Mexico and bring back magical memories to last a lifetime.

Bon appétit!

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