What to Do and What to See in Montevideo

City always very lively, full of characters and stories that enrich the days of those who live daily in the capital of Uruguay.

Montevideo is a city of long nights because the city is always very much alive, full of characters and stories which, from time to time, enrich the days of those who live daily in the capital of Uruguay.

But what are the places and things to do in Montevideo?

Let’s find out together, focusing on the most important things to do in town!

Montevideo Rambla

Rambla Montevideo

This time we want to begin our journey in a square, discovering Montevideo Rambla, an huge avenue, which we would define the waterfront, where you can walk and enjoy the Ocean Breeze.

The beaches are really nice, clean and well maintained and is a popular place for tourists, and locals looking for fresh air. Borders many places in the city, such as the harbor or the old city.

La Ciudad Vieja

Ciudad Vieja Montevideo

And what about the old city, which is the historical center of the city. It goes from Mercado del Puerto to Puerta del Sol, full of bars, restaurants and, above all, is the true spirit of Uruguay.

Do not expect a well-kept place, but rather a place where you can breathe the true local folklore, including picturesque buildings, the Ciudad Vieja Montevideo allows you to live in the middle of its liveliness.

Mercado del Puerto

Mercado del puerto Montevideo

To remain even more in contact with local population, you should not miss a visit to the Market of the Port.

In the afternoon, especially on weekends, you will find street performers, musicians and artisans and buy some souvenirs.

Casa Rivera

Casa de Rivera Montevideo

As the name well suggests, Casa Rivera was the home of the first Uruguayan president: Fructuoso Rivera.

The building, in neoclassical style, today is the center of the National Historical Museum, where there are paintings, historical artifacts, documents and many other rarities about the history of Uruguay.

Plaza Indipendencia

Plaza Independencia Montevideo

This is the main square of Montevideo, dedicated to Jose Artigas, whose mausoleum stands in the center thereof.

Here you will find many historic buildings, government offices and the renowned Teatro Solis.

Teatro Solis

Teatro Solis Montevideo

Built in the mid-1800s, it has been renovated recently and is famous for its acoustics.

You can visit it even if there are no shows, just taking part in a guided tour.

It is one of the most beautiful places to see in Montevideo.

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