What to Do and What to See in Munnar

Visit Munnar and discover beautiful landscapes, virgin forests, hills and very scenic valleys, waterfalls, picturesque towns and villages.


Munnar is located in the Kerala (India) and has been attracting tourists for many years.

They come in numbers to see its pristine natural beauty, experience its good climate and get lost in its charming embrace.

At a height of 6000 ft, it has a widespread stretch of tea plantations and is located near the river.

This is the ultimate destination for people who love nature and wildlife.

Many people come here for adventurous experiences or as a great backdrop for a romantic honeymoon. Either way, it is a beautiful place to visit.

Nature lovers

A traveller in Munnar will be exposed to virgin forests, rolling hills, very scenic valleys, incredible waterfalls and tea plantations.

So, there are ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as trekking, swimming and taking in the beauty on long drives.

In the spring season, the blossoming flowers on the hills and valleys are a magnificent sight as they blanket the whole area. For wildlife lovers, you can visit one on the wildlife sanctuaries around the area.

Tea Plantations

The area is sprawling with tea plantations that are in operation.

Here you can discover more about the tea making process at the Tea Museum, including the history and brewing process.

Although not famous for shopping, it is one of the best places to buy teas and spices.

The quality is great and the prices reasonable.

Trekking through these incredible tea plantations is also available.

You’ll have the opportunity to travel through tea gardens, pass various mountains and camp near the placid, beautiful lakes.

Adventure lovers

The highest peak in south India, Anamudi, is located in this area and mountain hiking is popular in this area as is rappelling on the mountain.

An adventure trek in Munnar will take you through the mountainous terrain as well as the incredible forests with exotic flora and fauna.

You will also have the chance to camp in the wilderness and take in all the beauty while you rest.

Trekking along the prominent Anaerangal Lake is a phenomenal experience.

The trail is known for it elephant population and the expansive lake is a beautiful sight to look at and a great source for nearby farmers.

More adventurous travellers can consider tandem paragliding over the incredible hills of Munnar.

This can be done without extensive training. But if you prefer to be closer to the ground, cycling tours off beaten paths are available.

These will see you pass through tea estates, dams and traditional villages.

An outdoor activity that is extremely enjoyable. .

There is something to do for all types of people in Munnar.

The unique landscapes and picturesque towns and villages allow you experience the authenticity of the area.

Visitors can experience the unreadable nature but are also exposed to the historical aspects of the area, including remnants of the colonial times alongside the traditional lifestyles of the people in this area.

If you are looking for a unique experience away from the busy cities, then Munnar is a great choice.

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