What to Do and What to See in Normandy

Normandy is a region situated in the north-west of France, composed ​by the High Normandy and Lower Normandy.

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy

Normandy is a region situated in the north-west of France, composed by the High Normandy and Lower Normandy. There are many features which have made so glorious this part of France, both cultural and historical.

The city attraction not to be missed are various, but Rouen particularly has a great power of fascination, a small town in medieval style where stands the cathedral of Notre Dame, built in French Gothic style. Even Le Havre and Caen are places to visit, before visiting the famous coastline of the landing at Normandy, from Omaha Beach to Juno Beach and visit the cemeteries and museums that allow you to relive the past.

Between Paris and Rouen is Giverny, the place became famous thanks to the wonderful museum and garden dedicated to impressionist painter Monet. Of course, in addition to letting cheer from the green and the lake adjacent, you can enjoy the exhibition of some reproductions of the artist.

One thing in your journey in Normandy is a real must, Mont Saint Michel. Situated at the border with Britain, Mont Saint Michel is a hill which stands on an island, UNESCO World Heritage since 1979. On this hill was built between the tenth and sixteenth-century Benedictine abbey, whose charming architectural style represents a great interest in visitors.

Further interest is triggered by the charm and extraordinary tides, which allow water to rise and fall of even 15 meters, creating a unique effect, which makes Mont Saint Michel, sometimes surrounded by sand, sometimes reachable only by boat.

Visiting these places is almost like visiting different places at once. Whether you are looking for, culture, art, good food, French atmosphere or adventure, Normandy is able to put together all your different desires.

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