Nudist beaches in Italy

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Nudist beaches in Italy

Although in Italy is not a widespread practice like in Spain, France or Germany, nudism is definitely a growing phenomenon and, consequently, there are more and more nudist beaches where enjoy holidays in the most natural way possible.

There are many beaches located all over Italy for this practice, tend to be secluded to allow people’s privacy and to live in peace and relaxation pleasurable moments, without the obsession of having aperfect body, living in harmony with others and with nature.

In Italy are regularly allowed only four nudist beaches

However, there are more beaches where naturism is practiced and admitted.

Nudist beaches in Italy

The Nudist Beaches in Liguria

Chiavari Beach

It ‘s the most famous nudist beach of Liguria, well visited and you might also find some families. Located at the feet of the Hill of Grace, the beach can be reached from the end of Corso Buenos Aires.

Scalo Fontanino – Pieve Ligure

Just 250 meters from the state railway station, just across the guard rail and down to the sea you will find the nudist beach. A very quaint and charming place.

Punta Baffe – Sestri Levante

Following the road towards Moneglia, the beach is located after the second tunnel. Very little recommended for families because the location is rather steep.

Guvano Beach

The beautiful beach of Guvano is a well-known destination among naturists and is frequented by both singles and couples. The easiest way to get there is through a tunnel, of which is an abandoned railroad.

The Nudist Beaches in Tuscany

Nido dell’Aquila – San Vincenzo

Nido dell’Aquila (Eagle’s nest) is one of the most popular Italian beaches for Nudists. It is well frequented by singles, couples and people of all ages. To get there, follow the road of the Princess,
between San Vincenzo and Populonia. After a few kilometers you will notice two abandoned houses. Near the second house there is a path that leads to the sea.

Marina di Bibbona

Also very popular, the beach of Marina di Bibbona is wonderful, also frequented by those who do not practice nudism. You get there from the square of the campsite, down to the sea and then walking south for 15 minutes.

Felciaio Beach (Stella Gulf)

The Island of Elba is extremely popular with naturists.There are wild places and coves where you can relax and be in connected with nature. To reach the area where you can practice
nudism, take the path from the right of Felciaio beach. The trail is hard to identify, however you have to take it for only a few minutes.

Le Piscine -Fetovaia – Seccheto

Also on the Island of Elba, famous throughout Europe, Le Piscine (The Pools) are characterized by a cliff of granite. From Marina di Campo, before reaching Fetovia stop immediately after
Seccheto. There are two parking lots close to the sea and next to the trail, which will take you to the beach in just a few meters.

Marina di Alberese

Even here, in the province of Grosseto, there are pristine unspoiled beaches. Marina di Alberese is one of the most famous nudist beaches. Once you get into town and at the beach, you have to walk for almost half an hour before finding a bit of peace and a fellow naturist.


Going back to Livorno, the cliff of Sassoscritto is very popular. Immersed in the wild, it is found in a Hermit place.

The “Buca di Livorno”

Close to Buca delle Fate, it is perhaps the most popular beach and loved by the youngsters. The environment is quite hippy and to get there, continue towards Populonia, take the right path, and when you have reached the cliff, go back and take the path to the left.

The Nudist Beaches in Emilia Romagna

Dante’s beach – Ravenna

One of the few authorized beaches of Italy, Lido di Dante (Dante’s Beach) is a destination for many naturists, including families, couples and singles. It is located just fifteen minutes from the center of Ravenna, just follow the signs to the beaches south until you reach the destination.

The Nudist Beaches in Veneto

Dunes of Alberoni – Venice

Alberoni beach, in Lido di Venezia, is quite popular with naturists. To get there, once you arrive at lido, just take the bus to the beach Alberoni. Once there, on the right you will see the dunes, where you can practice nudism.

The Nudist Beaches in Lazio

Capocotta – Lido di Ostia

The Capocotta beach in Lido di Ostia is one of the few beaches authorized to practice naturism in Italy. This pleasant beach is easy to reach, you have to get to Ostia and from there follow
the signs Torvajanica for 5km, up to the lido Seventh Heaven.

The Beach of the 300 steps – Sperlonga

This beach is very popular with Naturists, but it is advisable to attend, more than anything else in the off season. At other times you will often find the so-called “Textiles” (nonnudist). The beach is located on the Via Flacca between Sperlonga and Gaeta, at 24.5 km where you can go down to the shore “Ultima Spiaggia”.

Nudist Beaches in Marche

Porto Recanati Beach

The Capocotta beach in Lido di Ostia is one of the few beaches authorized to practice naturism in Italy. This pleasant beach is easy to reach, you have to get to Ostia and from there follow the signs Torvajanica for 5km, up to the lido Seventh Heaven.

Naturist Oasis of Cesano

The beach is very well frequented and can be easily reached. Once you reach the town of Cesano, park at the shopping center “Il Maestrale” or condominium “Le Pyramidi”. Pass the station
and arrive at the beach.

Sassi Neri Beach in Sirolo

Historically frequented by nudists and the so-called “textiles”, the beach Sassi Neri is located in the municipality of Sirolo. Very popular for several years, then the increase of the ostracism of the town had led a drop in attendance. The beach can be reached from a path from the Park of the Republic.

The Nudist Beaches in Campania

Troncone Beach – Marina di Camerota

The only authorized beach in Southern Italy, is located between Marina di Camerota and Palinuro, in a magnificent natural setting. Getting there is easy, just take the lido, “Trettre” as a point of reference and after just 250 meters of walking you will arrive at one of the most popular beaches of Italy.

The Nudist Beaches in Puglia

Torre Guaceto Beach

It is an unauthorized beach, but also a rare opportunity to practice naturism in Puglia. The Oasis of Torre Guaceto is preferred, of course, in the less crowded months.

The Nudist Beaches in Calabria

Capo Rizzuto Island

Isola di Capo Rizzuto (of what despite the name, is not an Island). It is one of the few facilities that hosts nudists in Southern Italy. Pizzo Greco is a recognized naturist camping site, with strict rules and classic amenities of a campground.

The Nudist Beaches in Sicily

Marianelli Beach

In Sicily there are no authorized beaches, but the beach Marianelli is often frequented by naturists. It is recommended to enjoy this beach, located near Syracuse, in the less crowded months.
You get there by arriving at the Vendicari reserve, then following the signs for the archaeological excavations of Eloro.

The Nudist Beaches in Sardinia

Camping Le Peonie

This campsite is situated in the Gulf of Orosei, near the beach of Cala Gonone, and is one of the facilities where naturism is practiced. Very appreciated by guests, this place is totally unspoiled and perfect for staying in touch with nature and pure wilderness.

Saraceno’s bay

The camping Saraceno’d bay is located in Palau, and offers a dedicated part of the beach for nudists. The area catered to naturism is rather small, so it is best to avoid in the high season.

Please note: This guide is based on research topics and in-depth, but may vary. Given the subject in matter, it happens quite often that some beaches may become more or less frequented by nudists and naturists. disclaims any liability for any variable changes about this information and they advise you should always verify the information provided on first hand.

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