What to Do and What to See in Oban

The once sleepy town of Oban is a fascinating place to visit. Indeed, it is a beauty, featuring unique topography, curious history, and interesting social scene.

Oban panorama

The once sleepy town of Oban is a fascinating place to visit.

Indeed, it is a beauty, featuring unique topography, curious history, and interesting social scene.

Home to unique cultural feats, Oban has rightly established itself as one of Scotland’s most popular tourist destination.

Its beauty has fascinated artists and poets, while its lively scene attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Oban has many other names.

Known as the Seafood Capital of Scotland, this seaside town has grown in size, now reaching over 8,500 residents.

The gastronomic adventures in this town can be enjoyed in local restaurants, hotels, and B&Bs.

If you fancy sea food, then head over to the acclaimed seaside food capital.

Once you have had your fill, take a sip of locally brewed Oban’s classy whiskey, made at the local distillery. Its whiskey is part of the acclaimed Diageo “Classic Malts”, a prestigious status by any standard.

Make sure you visit the Oban Distillery where it was made.

However Oban is so much more than its fish and beer.

The town’s unusual topography makes it a dream for photographers.

Visit McCaig’s Tower, cheekily also known as McCaig’s folly.

Learn about its unusual history while catching unique views of the sunset from its grassy vantage point.

Alternatively, explore its cathedrals: St Columba’s Roman Catholic Cathedral as well as the St John’s Episcopal Cathedral.

You can also learn more about Oban’s history at the Oban War & Peace Museum.

Head down to the docks too and enjoy a serene boat ride, or a brisk walk along the coast.

For sight seers, unique angles of Oban provide romantic views of the harbor and surrounding area.

If you tire of the view of from the colosseum-like McCaig Tower, then head up the protective hills of Oban.

It may be a task for those who are unfit, but the views from here are utterly rewarding.

You can take pleasure in seeing further into the sea, and get unique views Kerrera, Mull, and even Lismore islands.

The town is very lively, particularly in the summer periods.

It is a great place to shop and have a great time.

If you are not too bothered by the crowds, head to the main town for some great bargains.

What’s more, with bigger crowds you get a livelier atmosphere.

Add the quality scotch brewed around the corner, and you have the recipe for a very good time.

Another name is the “Gateway to the Isles”.

It will admittedly be hard to soak up all of Oban’s features and nature in a short time.

However, if you want to enjoy a little change of scenery, cover more ground, Oban provides the perfect opportunity.

Oban grew from a small fishing village to a ferry transit point for the nearby isles.

You can head over to the Isle of Mull, Scotland’s largest island.

Visit the Duart Castle, wander the beautiful capital of Tobermory, before heading to Dervaig for a wildlife adventure.

Alternatively, you can head to Tiree, Kerrera, the Coll islands, as well as the Inner Hebrides islands.

These provide panoramic views, with golden beaches along with interesting flora and fauna.

You can also catch the Hebridian Princess here in Oban, a luxury cruise ship that specializes in plying the Scottish waters.

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