What to Do and What to See in Oman

Discover the beauty of Oman and its capital, Muscat, with an unsullied nature, a beautiful sea and a great cultural hertage.


With only 1.04 million tourists per year, this country is truly an underrated beauty.

The world has not yet caught on to the opulence and fascination that Oman has to offer.

That is why it makes such a good tourism destination.

Unlike other crowded tourist countries in the Middle East, here you get large open expanses, beautiful and unsullied nature, all in the midst of a highly modernized Arabic country.

The country’s variegated climate and geography ensure that you have plenty to see: from coastal treats, desert retreats, and mountainous feats…Oman has them all.

The first destination you should visit on a holiday in Oman  is Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman.

This is a scenic city defies the desert scenery, proving to be a green zone in the coastal mountains.

The modern city retains its historic Arabic charm, with white topped buildings, well maintained mosques, as well as forts and castles.

This blends perfectly with the ultra-modern highways, trendy high rise areas, as well as modern shopping malls. Overlooking the ocean, it is easy to see why Muscat is called the “Jewel of Arabia”.

Outside the beautiful capital lies Sur, a beautiful coastal paradise. Beautiful villages, lazy dhows, clean beaches, and idyllic villages characterize this region.

The old architecture speaks of ancient and mystic times, and is rumored to be the home of the legendary Sinbad the sailor.

Yet another interesting stop is the mysterious Bahla town. Omani’s associate this town with the superstitious, believing that its magical elements still live on to date.

One thing is for sure though, their pottery is indeed magically beautiful. In addition, the Bahla fort is believed to have been built in pre-Islamic eras, gifting it the title of the oldest fort in the country.

Just a out of Bahla lies an equally fascinating sight: the three storied Castle of Jabreen.

Its beautiful Islamic architecture and design speak of an era of creativity, prosperity, and power.

While there, make sure you visit Nziwa, an oasis city with an intriguing character of its own.

Another interesting area is the Jabel Akdhar or “Green Mountains”, a delightful place for the nature lover.

Wander through fruit plantations, enjoy local hospitality, and peer over Diana’s Point, named after the late Princess Diana.

If you want a little more mountain scenery, then head over to the Western Hajar Mountains as well.

Each turn and crevice reveals a new treasure: hidden villages, surprising natural features, and hidden caves.

You can climb Oman’s highest peak from here, the Jabel Shams.

There are so many other places left for you to discover: from Sohar’s Fort, to the fascinating “Wednesday Souq” in Ibra, Salalah’s Khareef Festival, and the barren Wahiba Sands.

There is so much to see and do outdoors, fascinating and enchanting.

The country is safe and very modern.

Remember that it is a conservative Muslim country, so behave yourself.

Women should try and cover up as much as possible to avoid controversy.

Even so, the residents are warm and welcoming, ensuring that you have yourself a memorable time in the underrated tourist country.

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