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Oslo is the capital city of Norway and is one of the largest in terms of area and most beautiful in terms of scenery.

It’s a wonderful place to come to during the summer months when the weather is balmy and warm.

But to see Oslo at its best and most beautiful then you should come here and visit during the winter.

The surrounding forests are turned into a winter wonderland and the city center is lit up with tiny lights that reflect off snowy pathways.

If that isn’t enough to convince you then read on for a list of reasons to visit Oslo during the winter.

Oslo is definitely an interesting place to be. Some people will say that it is quite dark and damp but this is definitely not true.

Oslo is definitely a place of culture and science and you can expect all such inclinations, which you might have, to be completely satisfied after visiting it.

There are many reasons to visit this town and this is why many hotels in Oslo have opened their doors to welcome visitors from all over the world. If you are planning a trip there, you should know a few things about them.

The first thing to understand about Oslo is that it has lots of parklands and forests and the locals love nothing better than to be out there making the most of it.

In summer they enjoy spending their leisure time biking and hiking and then relaxing with their family and friends over a barbecue and in the winter they all dress up warmly and drag out the skis and sledges.

Most of the parks rent sledges and skis by the hour or by the day, so you don’t have to worry about dragging them along with you on your trip.

You will also find that nearly every park has at least one café or restaurant and when you have finished your fun in the snow you can head in for a cup of hot chocolate or a nice warming glass of fruit or mulled wine.

If you want to take advantage of some more adrenalin fuelled winter sports then head for Korketrekkeren to try out their 2 kilometre long toboggan run. However if you prefer things a little more lighthearted then head for the city centre and try out the free ice-skating rink.

Oslo is home to more than 50 different museums and galleries that are dedicated to a wide range of historical and cultural periods and of course winter in Oslo is the perfect time to explore them.

Some of the museums have areas that are based outdoors and during the winter they have special exhibits, such as ice sculptures, that are really worth a visit.

Winter in Oslo is also the perfect time to take advantage of the shopping opportunities and if you time your visit for the month of December then you will also be able to take advantage of the winter and Christmas markets.

Here you will find lots of little stalls selling handmade crafts and you will be able to try lots of local delicacies and warm wine.

It’s a great place to pick up those one-off gifts for family and friends.

Of course nights are very cold and long in Oslo during the winter, which is why the restaurants, clubs and music scene really take off and come into their own.

Many bars and restaurants have themed evenings and showcase local talent that clients can enjoy free of charge.

The night clubs attract talent from all over the world and although you will have to pay to get it, you will then be able to dance the night away to an outstanding variety of musical genres.

Nighttimes really come to life in Oslo during the winter and in fact you will find that they are much busier then than they are during the summer, when people prefer to be enjoying the outdoors.

There are only a couple of weeks left and you still have time to visit Oslo and see its winter spirit.

If you believe that Oslo is the perfect destination only for those who love art, design and literature, is obviously wrong. Indeed Oslo is such a lively city that can offer a wide range of attractions and possibilities to satisfy every kind of need at best.

Also the sport lovers can thus find museums and all the activities expressly conceived  for them.

Sport lovers must absolutely visit the famous Football Museum in Oslo.

Here it is possible to go exploring the Norwegian footbal history, dipping into its origins and its growth and learning really a lot about the football world at large.

The visit to the museum is organized just as a real football match were in progress and it is therefore splitted in two  halves and in a post match.

The first half shows exactly the Norwegian football history, an ancient sport and really truly felt from the population, going through for a certain period of time of about 100 years, on the other hand the second half offers the chance to dip into the beauties of the Norwegian stadium.

The post match consists of a guided tour in the stadium and an exclusive and exciting movie release.

Unfortunately the movie is only available in Norwegian version on the other hand the rounds to the stadium are available every quarter – hour even in the English language.

The round will bring you on the stadium grass to savour the emotion of  feeling in the middle of this huge place but even inside the changing rooms to find out all the football match backstage.

Even the Ski Museum is a place which doesn’t absolutely owe to lose for all the sport lovers.

Across this museum is possible to find out the ski and the snowboard origins and their growth on a certain period of time of over 4000 years.

A very fascinating way to find out all the most loved winter sport secrets but even a way to find out the human evolution itself.

The Ski Museum also offers the chance to perform some ski jumping simulations to try the exhilaration of this wonderful athletic discipline.

Moreover, getting on the Ski Jumping Tower can give you  the chance to  look the city from above enjoying the suggestive and breathtaking landscape.

Finally we also have to remember the Christian Radich School Ship that can be visited but only on order.

To this day this ship is considered like one of the most beautiful ship of the entire world.

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