What to Do and What to See in Palermo

Palermo is doubtless one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Let's see what are the major places of interest that really worth a visit.

Palermo panorama

Palermo is doubtless one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. The harbor, teeming streets, the beaches and crystal clear waters, the citrus fruits smell, the flavor of slush and the soft breeze that often blows makes of this city a perfect destination for summer holidays, a destination where you can enjoy the sea and night life but also full of many cultural attractions. Let’s see what are the major places of interest that really worth a visit if you decide to go on holiday in Palermo.

The Massimo Vittorio Emanuele Theatre is undoubtedly a building that deserves a visit, even just from the outside. It is actually a very old theater that was opened back in May of 1987 and it has become the second European theatre, after the wonderful Paris Opera. Unfortunately in 1974 the theater has been closed until 1997 when it reopened thanks to a careful restoration, it offers now operas, concerts and ballets of exceptional beauty. The Politeama Garibaldi should be considered a building of great importance for the city of Palermo. It has been built between 1867 and 1874 and it shows  neoclassical forms of exceptional beauty with an arched entrance surmounted by bronzed statues.

Palermo is the perfect place for lovers of sacred sites who want to explore the churches and chapels of the most beautiful in Italy. Here you can visit the Palatine Chapel, built in 1130 and decorated with Byzantine mosaics of great value, the Church of St. John of the Hermits with its characteristic red domes of clear Arabic influence and the little enclosure planted with jasmine, orange and pomegranate. Another place of interest is of course the city’s Cathedral, a truly majestic structure with arches, mullioned windows and towers, steeples, a structure built in 1184, which still preserves its original appearance except for the aisles and the onion-shaped dome which were added later, towards the end of ‘700. Inside the cathedral you can see   the beautiful sculptures of Gagini, the urn containing the relics of Santa Rosalia and of course the graves of Constance of Aragon, Federico II, Roger II and Henry VI.

All those who love the ancient art can’t lose the opportunity to visit the Regional Gallery of Sicily situated into the Abatellis Palace. Here you can see up close many sculptures of the period between the twelfth and the sixteenth century. Archaeology lovers can instead visit the Archaeological Museum in the Convent of the PP. Philippines where looking the different  finds belonging to all parts of Sicily it’s easier to understand the history of the island. Among the most beautiful and interesting finds we must surely remember the two statues of Zeus dating from the second century BC

Finally do not miss a visit to “Il Capo” market, a market of traditional Arab system where you can really enjoy the smells and flavors which characterize this city from a long long time,  immerse yourself in its most ancient traditions.

Palermo mercato del capo

There are a lot of strange and unusual museums in Palermo, as like as the Museum of Puppets A. Pasqualino, over 3500 with an exhibition of puppets from around the world. The Museum of Islamic Art in the Zisa Castle is a museum of great interest that brings us to the Islamic tradition discovery, which had influenced so much these areas. The garden of the castle is really wonderful as well as the botanical garden made way back in 1875 which has an abundance of specimens of plants really out of ordinary.

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