What to Do and What to See in Pizzo Calabro

Pizzo Calabro is a small town on the Gulf of St. Euphemia, not far from Lamezia Terme and this makes it very attractive to tourists.

Pizzo Calabro Beach

Pizzo Calabro is a small town on the Gulf of St. Euphemia, close enough from Lamezia Terme and from its airport and thanks to all this it has become a tourists attractive. The city is touched by theTyrrhenian Sea, and it is characterized by many different types of beaches. It’s really a pleasure to spend time on the beaches also because many of them are sandy.

Pizzo Calabro is a very special place, its historical center – typically medieval – is characterized by several churches, among which the main one: the Mother Church of San Giorgio. Remaining on the subject of churches, very charming and fascinating is the Church of Piedigrotta, located practically on the beach because it has been founded by refugees of Naples as a sign of gratitude for salvation.

Do not miss the nice castle of the city, now a museum, built overlooking the sea by Ferdinand I of Aragon.

Pizzo Calabro is known also from the gastronomic point of view. The main local delicacies are two, both very important. The truffle, typical local sweet, served black or white, you can eat in bars and cake shops in the city and is one of the main reasons of pride for the country. Source of pride just as the art of local ice-cream, which gave the city the title of “City of Ice”.

Spending the holidays in Pizzo Calabro is a synonym  of enjoying,  healthy relaxation, visiting beautiful beaches never crowded, visiting places where time seems not to go on anytime, and why not, enjoying good food and hospitality of the locals.

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